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chic chick Posts: 101
Forgottenpassword Posts: 1078
I do hope that you are exaggerating and that he is not really that rude and obsessed? He sounds to be bordering on obsessive I have to say, but, I am sure that it is just how it sounds on here. It is probably a bit worse at the moment now that the season has recently started. However if it is really annoying you, you will need to explain why and that the results are not going anywhere but, that you just might be :o0 FP
mad woman Posts: 22106
i don't think she is exaggerating to be honest. Chick - Are you sure you havnt read my mind? i've got one of those aswell. Hence the wol &muffins wedding addiction. its gets really bad in my house towards the end of the season, then there does be murder over it. in his speech at our wedding, the best man said that he would never go out on a saturday because he was afraid of missing match of the day and it was true! but no-body is perfect.
gone elsewhere Posts: 1780
Mr Lois is a football nut too, in fact he's mad about all sports. Luckily I love them too so it isn't a problem and we go to matches/watch sports together. He says I'm a man's dream :o0 but I was into sport before I ever met a fella! Whatever about checking the results, if you feel he's spending literally every evening on the internet talk to him about it But remember that a lot of WOL ladies would easily spend the evening on the net too, so what's good for the goose is good for the gander.
sun flowers Posts: 3421
There is nothing as irritating but I must admit I'd be looking over his shoulder I love football and coming from a football family is just been our way of life... remember the Ireland international in Croke park for the first time, my uncle asked his daughter to change the date of her wedding and if she wasnt would it be ok if they hired a projector so they could see the match!!!! If you cant beat them than join them..
Mrs Electric Posts: 1939
Oh god thought H2b was bad! i love gaelic but thats all, he is obsessed with every sport. soccer, gaelic, snooker, golf, car racing, it does my head in O:| O:| . he fell asleep watching it last night and didnt wake up until 2 this morning, we actually dont have sky and i dont intend getting it either.