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primrose Posts: 291
sorry, double post
agie Posts: 1107
thats absolutely horrendous, i cant believe it. I thought that at this stage that id be unshockable when it comes to being pregnant and peoples lack of manners. However I think when it came to the bag of spuds and the logs Id have gone to the shop owner (while he was schmoozing other customers) and embarrassed him by asking him if he would mind bringing them to the counter / car for you. Actually I would have probably said, I think Ive hurt myself putting the spuds into the trolley, incase I do any further damage would you mind bringing them to the car.. What a pig!!! Doing my xmas shopping the weekend I came across a young fella in smyths who was getting me down heavy items from the top shelf, I said to him would you mind bringing it up to the counter and Ill meet you up there. When he got there he offered to bring it out to the car for me (so i tipped him generously for it). Also, I get the dart twice a day, am 28 weeks pregnant - very visibily pregnant and once ive been offered a seat!!!! No, I dont mind standing but it the pushing and squashing that really F**** drives me crazy - people are just so ignorant but your shop owner has really made my blood boil!!!