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happywife Posts: 1575
newkid30 Posts: 2233
I clear mine out twice a year, at the start of Summer ans start of Winter, when I rotate clothes. I dump anything I haven't worn that season. Beware, charity shops ar quite fussy, they will only take clean, non damaged clothes.
Delish Posts: 4176
Answer: Never :-8 , Every now and then I start cleaning like a woman possessed and bin clothes that I come accross that are either worn to shreds or havn't been worn in yonks. I do this about twice a year, but I have yet to meticulously go through the wardrobes in my house. I plan to empty out the wardrobes when I am on mat leave and do a major spring clean. When I am in one of my cleaning frenzies I sometimes get a black plastic bag and bin some clothes and find one of those collection bags that is posted through the door and I fill those up. I know the collection bags are not proper charities but I couldn't give a hoot I just want to get some crap outta my house and if someone else can use it, it's fine by me. I'm a horder by nature so I really only throw out/donate the real crap :-8
QueenofDiamonds Posts: 282
I had loads of clothes & stuff that I couldn't bare to part with hoarded from my time living in rented properties. Even had a suit from 1995 which I couldn't part with. How sad is that :o( AS soon as we bought our new place I decided I had to turn over a new leaf and do a clearout. It's always said that anything you have not worn in a year (could be 6 months!!) is not worth keeping. I have brought bags of stuff into town to the charity shop. Usually go to the St V.D.P, Oxfam, and Mrs Green's Shop in Dublin. I never leave them at them bins just drop them in myself. Now I do it on a regular basis go through my wardrobe about twice a year. Think of all that new space for new clothes :o)ll
twinklegirl Posts: 716
Delish I am the same as you a horder my dh throws out everything so I have lately taken a leaf out of his book and started throwing clothes into my local clothes bank. I am buying alot more though lol which is fun :o0 I must go up later and see if there is anything I can give away. I recently had a bag of clothes and walked into a charity shop.This man when I put down the bag to give the Lady behind the counter grabbed it and started looking through it.It was all womens clothes nothing for him I thought he could of waited until I walked out at least ! :o0
Gonetopasturesgreener Posts: 3556
About twice a year. I don't keep anything I haven't worn in the past year, unless I really really love it. I don't think DH has ever cleared out his wardrobe. Put it this way, all my clothes fit in half a wardrobe, three drawers, and coats fill half a wardrobe, two boxes of shoes. DH: a total of two wardrobes and most of one of the spare room. I know he'll never do it so I'm going to have to do it...were talking suits from 1990, World Cup 94 Jerseys that he won't part with...I found ten golf golves the other day in a box... :o0. I reckon if I bring the stuff to the charity shops they'll laugh at me...
2009 Bride Posts: 990
I am pure useless to clean out wardrobes!! :-8 Moving into new house soon though so will have no choice but to go through everything - I plan on being ruthless, if it hasn't been worn in past 6months its going!! :o0