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smaggy Posts: 52
mariac Posts: 982
wait for a few days because your hormone levels double every 48 hours and then go to the doctor - the doctor will check urine , bp etc and refer you to the hospital. then about 12 weeks hospital will call you for check up and maybe a scan :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll congrats - we will see you here more often then
newly_wed Posts: 1039
C :o)ll O :o)ll N :o)ll G :o)ll R :o)ll A :o)ll T :o)ll S :o)ll Smaggy!!!! Thats fantastic news! U must be feeling on top of the world! I went to the doctor the day after I got my BFP - he/she should check your blood pressure and may do another pregnancy test and may weigh you. Your dr will also tell you your expected due date. They'll ask you what hospital you want to go to and then my doctor gave me a letter to give to Holles St on my first visit. it was left up to me to make my own appoints with Holles St, the dr gave me the phone number and I was on to Holles St just a few days later to register my pregnancy as they have a cap on the number of mums they take for each month and also the consultants get booked up very quickly and its good to get the ball rolling early. Have a think and maybe do a bit of research into whether you want to go private, semi-private or public as they asked me when I rang Holles St which I was opting for and also which consultant I wanted to be under. Good luck with it all and wishing u a happy and healthy 9 months!!! :thnk
smaggy Posts: 52
Mrs Aol Posts: 292
Just wanted to say congrats on your bfp :o)ll
newly_wed Posts: 1039
[quote="smaggy":23l1ymq6]will probly go with the rotunda but havent a clue whther to go private or semi private?? or what consultant? ahhhhh the confusion begins....[/quote:23l1ymq6] Yeh, I found it a really confusing time too as I hadn't a clue! I did some searches on this website thou and got lots of info re differences between private and semi-private & also consultant recommendations from girls who had been through it. Good luck!
silíní Posts: 4219
Smaggy it's normal to feel all over the place! Dont think i felt over the moon for weeks and weeks, finding out you're pregnant is the most head wrecking thing ever no matter how much you wanted it beforehand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS though!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll Delighted for u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
chicam Posts: 1169
Congrats smaggy!! I am also a new-timer at this, still in the first 24 hours of having done 3 positive tests and I'm in utter shock I feel stupid I keep saying to Hubbie how did this happen...?!LOL Well done, get yourself to the Doc when you can, I went this morn they took bloods, blood pressure and I gotta go back Thurs for the results plus "paperwork" he said - sounds confusing already!
delgirl Posts: 1706
[quote:30ikri94]am still in shock so dont feel delighted or over the moon yet atal!! is that normal? [/quote:30ikri94] That is perfectly normal, I actually burst out crying and wept on the toilet seat (not very hygienic :hic ) when I found out I was pregnant. Was so overwhelmed but within a day was lying beside hubby smiling at the prospect of our new family addition. Congrats and enjoy every bit of the next nine months O-O