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jenny07 Posts: 345
My SIL had them at her wedding last year and they were absolutely brilliant! Everyone was clapping along and they really raised the energy levels. Would love to have them at mine but they're pretty pricey. Will see if she has their number.
Twirler Posts: 1644
My friend had them at her wedding. Gospel choirs aren't my thing but they were good.
lobster1 Posts: 32
Hiya, I have pm'd you some contact details!
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honest woman Posts: 322
Trayciee - Just PM'd you
cabra Posts: 65
can you pls pm me there details too cheers O-O
August 2009 Posts: 46
Hey, I have booked them for my wedding next August. Went to hear them before hand and was blown away by them - my only problem is that the wedding we went to had 28 singers in the choir and when booking you are only guarenteed 10, its just luck of the draw as to how many people have other things on that day. I even offered more money to be guarenteed the same amount but they wouldn't agree... Booked them anyway, so fingers crossed I get as many as possible..