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MeSB Posts: 3785
ozypozy Posts: 2950
Was up there on Tuesday and I thought the shop rates were really bad too Flower Angel. Think Argos were only giving 90p. We took money out of the ATM and we got 95p. The stuff we bought in Argos came to £340 and it would have cost us €510 to buy down here so we were really happy with that.
jen09 Posts: 1390
Have to agree & disagree with you; the rates the banks give are never what the shops are going to give. On Wed Sainsburys were giving 92p per €1 & the banks 96p per €1. However some shops like Zavvi & Adams were only giving 80p & it was the same before Christmas. We've been doing our shopping in Newry for about 2yrs now & find it's good to take some sterling out of the bank up there & have Euros as well. Or else if you have it use your credit card where the shops have bad exchange rates. A friend of mine bought a 40" Black High Gloss Samsung TV with matching stand & surround sound DVD system & it cost €770 & if they got it in Dublin/Southern Ireland it would of cost almost €1300 so a big saving there.
mrssunflower Posts: 3651
I always just use my lazer and credit card to get the bank rates as they will always be better. We bought a dryer, dyson and a toaster in argos in Newry for less than what the dyson would have cost in argos here! They deliver to the south too! Awear were giving euro for stg so you could pay with your euro and get the stg price over the weekend.
justme Posts: 1700
I was up before Christmas and saved a small fortune. Used my credit card for everything. Heading back up in the morning.
Dipsy80 Posts: 1038
Can someone plase tell me what the traffic to Newry is like at the moment? I heard that there were very long tailbacks trying to get into Newry before Christmas. I'm planning on going up to B&Q on a weekday from Kildare within the next fortnight if I can get the day off. H2B thinks we're best to leave about 10 and be up there just before lunch time to miss all the rush hour traffic on N4, M50 and M1.
raspberry ripple Posts: 1809
Traffic quite bad still, hasn't eased off after Christmas. My parents queued for an hour yesterday morning to get into Newry and then there was no parking to be found anywhere.
Dipsy80 Posts: 1038
Thanks a million. I was hoping that it would have died down. B&Q are on the Newry bypass not in Newry centre so hopefully it won't be as bad. Plus we'll be going mid week. Maybe it'll have calmed down when people go back to work. (Basically trying to convince myself that it won't be that bad. :o0 )
raspberry ripple Posts: 1809
B&Q should be ok for parking. It's The Quays where Sainsburys is that is impossible to find a space in! If you go midweek it will prob be fine traffic-wise. I think it was bad this week cause so many people were still on hols.
minnielulu Posts: 358
Was up there today and traffic wasn't too bad at all, left Swords just after nine and arrived in the Quays car park at 10.05, few spaces left at that stage, went straight into Sainsburys and came back about an hour later to throw the groceries into the car and the car park was jammers, about 6 people stopped and waited for my spot while we were loading up the car. Sainsburys were giving 97p for €1. Just used my credit card everywhere so hopefully will get a good rate when it goes on. Some good bargains up there too, got pack of 9 double velvet toilet rolls for £2.99 and 2 bottles of Fairy Liquid for £1.50 in Semi Chem and Sainsburys were selling off all their Christmas wrapping paper for 50p a roll so grabbed a couple of those for next year :o0