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Busy Mom Posts: 2910
Emme Posts: 4735
Hi Minkie, I had this in the early stages too. A shooting pain all over the lower part of my body but particularly my legs. I thought I'd be stuck with it for the 9 months but I wasn't, it went after a couple of weeks. Eased off first of all and then I didn't even notice that I wasn't getting it anymore. Personally, I'd go ahead with plans. When I asked for advice on here a lot of girls had gone to physio for some relief, maybe thats an option? Emme
Crostini Posts: 1105
to be honest, if it was me and i wasn't feeling up to it then i wouldn't go. babs takes precedence!
hopingforsoon Posts: 1152
Try your best in the next two weeks to get it sorted out - go to physio, and get exercises you can do to ease the pain ... some of them are very simple but really effective.
LMR Posts: 1925
I also had this in the early stages and it went away completely. To be honest I know its painful but if you put your life on hold based on what could happen it's going to be a very very long 9 months for you. Symptoms flare up and vanish again al the time and if you plan your life around tem you'd never get out of bed! I'd go to the wedding and maybe look and see if you can re route your flights to something a bit less horrific for you (for expample is it worth flying direct from Ireland to somewhere and hiring a car if you can't get to the airport you'd like). Also if this is your H's sister's wedding I'm sure they'd appreciate you making the effort, if you have to cancel nearer the time so be it, but I do reckon at the least H should go. I know its hard at the beginning to goad yourslef to do much of anything when you feel so crummy, but that horrible early pregnancy feeling doesn't last forever and there is a good chance that in a couple of weeks time you won't know yourself
Busy Mom Posts: 2910
thanks ladies. yeh DH will definately go either way. i guess i'll just wait til then. flights are booked, these are the most direct we can get.
jill80 Posts: 565
I'd see how you feel nearer the day, but if you are not up to it do not go. Don't be pressurised into things - if you are too tired/sore/sick it has to be your call. If you are well enough then go by all means!
katied Posts: 132
Hi I sympathize with you as I am currently suffering with that too. I am now attending an osteopath which I find incredible. I would also recommend (if you are ok with it, acupuncture). Your situation is a tough one but personally for the sake of the family I would go but if you really feel you would be too uncomfortable then there is no point in putting yourself and baby though it.