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meandmyself Posts: 149
streaks Posts: 3592
If their the dresses you want and the right price then go for I you'll only regret not getting them if you dont! It'l be one less thing to worry about! :wv
frillynickers Posts: 1765
Theres no such thing as too early, but just be sure that they are definetly the colour you want and that they are not just a splurge buy. Other than that, go for it!
CestMoi Posts: 2162
The only caution I would have about this is that your BM might get pregnant between now and then. I hadn't bought the BM dress until about 3 months before, which was a little too late, but within 6 months should be fine. I was faced with having to get a less fitted style dress, but unfortunately the BM miscarried. :o(
Sumire Posts: 136
I had this worry too when I found my BM dresses, but I bought them (about 8 months before the wedding) because I was worried I'd never find anything I'd like as much if I missed out on them. It was also pointed out to me that cos I was getting them in a high street store (same as you) so far away from the wedding it means none of the guests will be in the same dress. So I say go for it!
stephyb Posts: 1439
bought my own in tk maxx, beautiful dresses and i bought them right on time. Bridesmaid is still pregnant, so i still might have a problem. if you've been looking for a while and have seen alot! i would say get them, if they're one of the first few dresses you've looked at i would say wait as you might see something you like more. x
Asics Posts: 1935
I bought mine in Tesco about 2yrs before the wedding :-8 there perfect colour, boned, have straps, just below the knee & price all of which my BM's wanted. I have 3 BM's & bought 5 dresses as 2 BM's want to go down a dress size & its no prob if they don't have a dress to fit them either way, with the 2 spare dresses that I will have im getting them cut up to make matching cravates for the lads, just an idea I didn't mind buying them as they were only €22.50 each so for all 5 I paid less than what you would pay in a bridal shop for one dress :o)ll :o)ll
vinoqueeno Posts: 3511
Hey, I'd say buy away! I'm not getting married until next April and saw lovely ones in Karen Millen that we wanted, but we'd a terrible problem trying to get them because the sales are on. We'd to order one from Galway, one from Dublin & get another one sent from Manchester so if they're the ones you want get them now! You'll only regret it if you don'tb :o)ll
ms organised Posts: 1069
Go for it! I picked mine a year before too... O-O
Redpunto Posts: 224
i think go for it - chances are you're right and they wont be around for long. You know what you want so go get them!