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overthemoon! Posts: 1479
hi girls
ohsotired Posts: 7071
Yes unfortunately! O:| Are you doing a particular programme? I'm doing WW and trying to get to the gym/do some exercise! I've lost half a stone in the past few weeks and have another 2 stone to lose! I'm on the right track but find it very hard to be good!!
overthemoon! Posts: 1479
doing motivation but wasting everyones time really. the hunger makes me so sick. only have 6 weeks to go & badly need to get rid of the tum :o(
mrsandmr Posts: 366
If you're so hungry you're feeling faint you're not getting enough calories and you're body won't let you loose any weight. You may be eating too little.
shortie26 Posts: 260
[quote="mrsandmr":2mb8e7cn]If you're so hungry you're feeling faint you're not getting enough calories and you're body won't let you loose any weight. You may be eating too little.[/quote:2mb8e7cn] +1 sometimes if not taking in enough your body can produce fat and give you that bloated look. You should really explain situation to those at motivational weight clinic and get them to design a diet more suited to your needs. Are you drinking your 2 litres a day? This really helps but jus be near toilet :o0 if not doing so already try cut out white bread, most brown bread unless granary, cheese, potatoes and white pastas. Eat lots of veg and white meats - boring but it works especially if only for few weeks. I find special K diet great but have to eat lots of fruit and drink lots of water to keep full. I also find eating your meal during the day keeps me fuller. If your really worried about not shifting the pounds and have few euro to spare you should go on a course of slimming body wraps for the next few weeks. you could easily get 5 in. aswell as loosing weight your skin will be fab for wedding and honemoon. also with recession at moment shop around as most salons/spas are doing specials on these. Sorry for long post but hope this helps and dont panic you've still got 6weeks to go Best of luck O-O
buzzybride Posts: 78
I'd recommend eating regular small meals throughout the day and lots of water - are you doing toning exercises also? Tis only my opinion ....but I think it would be better to have your skin glowing on the day (whilst losing what you can and toning in between) and feeling good in the run up to it rather than feeling dizzy etc and your skin (and you!!)suffering???
kellyk Posts: 634
I am shocking....EVERY day I say I am starting! Does anyone have any faith in aqua aerobics? :wv (Obviously as part of a controlled diet! :o0 )
ms organised Posts: 1069
Dubwifey I feel your pain - I have only just started and I feel the same as you. I'm constantly feeling hungry and tired. >:o( I'm going to give the Wii Fit a go along with my diet and see how it goes. Its so upsetting trying so hard and not feeling good about it isn't it? Maybe we should all set up a thread to motivate each other and share food tips/receipes? What does everyone think? O:o)
mrsandmr Posts: 366
If your instructor is good aqua can be great, especially for toning! There are a few support threads over on the Health and Fitness board.
come dine with me Posts: 306
Dieting for me has gone out the window last few weeks unfortunately!!!! O:| Was sooo goood for few months lost stone and half but have put up 8 lbs last 3 weeks and can really feel it!Have friends wedding end of august and hoping if start again tomorrow can at least lose some of that again. ITS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!