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Hi Lady Jane i'm sorry to hear about the problems you are havinag with your mortgage. I can't offer any advice (sorry :o( ) but I work in a bank and can understand where they are coming from I presume you were working when the loan was initially taken up. If that's the case and you are no longer working then that would drastically affect your chances of being able to repay (in their eyes anyway). Unfortunetly banks can pretty much do what the hell they like, they are reviewing the mortgage to make sure that you are able to repay. From your post you sound as if this should be no problem, so if they find this too (by checking h2b's income etc...) they should be able to draw down more for you. Problem is banks royally fcuked up this economy starting a few years ago by all this subprime mortgages and 100% mortgages (basically betting on the idea that house prices will always rise) and us fools (me included bought into it and believed it to be true) So now honest hard working folk are suffering. Fingers crossed that all goes through for you on Monday though i'm a firm believer that everything always happens for a reason (even though it could be shI!tso if it doesn't it may be for the best. I know if I had the choice I would hand the keys back to the bank (you can do this in the states) and happily rent!! Sure at this rate i'm only renting my house of the bank - worst landlord ever!!!! Best of luck