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MeSB Posts: 3785
Trillian Posts: 1685
I asked my brother for you, he's a guard. He said there's nothing in particular as you still have to sit the exams before even getting an interview, but that of he did get past the exams that any sort of community project would stand to him. His station does the odd volunteer project and are always happy to have more help, your nephew should call his local station and ask them.
MeSB Posts: 3785
SparklyB2B Posts: 1131
My little sis did her work exp for 2 wks in a local Garda Station & that was 8 yrs ago so I would say just get him to pop in & ask..
b2bdec08 Posts: 470
My cousin applied to templemore in ty year beofre and was down there for a week for training experience.He loved it.Maybe ask them
kookiegal Posts: 1150
I did work experience in my local Garda station every Friday of school term as part of a PLC I was doing. I just popped in and asked and they were more than happy to accommodate me. No harm in asking!
pixiebell Posts: 739
Sorry to hijack the tread but just wondering SparklyB2B do you have them shoes that you have on your profile and if so where did u get them???? i love them Sorry again :thnk