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meandmyself Posts: 149
raspberry ripple Posts: 1809
It would have been a deal breaker for me too. I went to a wedding in a hotel a couple of years ago where there was a second wedding on too. The bride at one wedding was trying to avoid the other bridal party whenever she was out of the function room and said afterwards she really resented potentially running into them...not what you want when it's your special day imo.
mrs shamrock Posts: 603
Hi, Personally i have to agree with your friend. I wouldnt like another wedding in the same place on my wedding day. I was at my cousins wedding were there was another wedding on and at one point there were two brides getting photos taken in the garden, the service was also very slow - the hotel should have catered better for that!! i would hate that. When we booked our hotel we didnt even consider the hotels that have two weddings on, we booked our hotel that specified - one wedding a day!! I'm sure other people might differ but thats my opinion.
Layla20 Posts: 1089
I've ruled out one venue because of it. We are trying to keep our numbers down to 150 so would have been using the smaller of the 2 function rooms, that would have meant that the other wedding would have had use of the hotel bar and that our wedding party would have had to go straight to function room and stay there. It really put me off.
fifimcb Posts: 25
i have to say i would feel very funny about sharing a venue. i remember being flowergirl for my aunt when i was about six. her wedding was in the slieve donard in newcastle and we were in the smaller room at the front and their was another wedding in the other bigger room. i remember lots of guests from the other wedding being in the toilets and foyer area. i also remember my mum passing a comment about feeling like the poor relations cos we were in the smaller room. it would def be a deal breaker for me - i havent gotten round to booking a venue yet - hoping to take a few days off work to sort it out next month - so it will definitely be on my list of things to ask.
milinda Posts: 785
It honestly wouldn't have bothered me at all :wv
ReginaFalange Posts: 10290
why did she book a hotel where this could have happened if it bothered her so much? I wouldnt like the idea but more for the fact that I wanted a smaller venue so anywhere that can cater for more than one wedding a day wasnt really an option. The venue we picked could only cater for one wedding per day so I knew that this would never have been a problem...
DollyMomma Posts: 1231
I think it depends on the hotel. We're getting married in Killashee House and are in the Thomson Suite, the larger of the two wedding function rooms. The other room used for weddings is in the old house and can fit a max of 70 people. When we booked the wedding coordinator insisted on taking us on a tour to see how things operate when the hotel have two weddings in the one day - there are separate entrances, the door from the main hotel to the old house is locked, the old house is entirely self sufficient - it has it's own toilets, normal bar, it's own residents bar, the bridal party stay in bedrooms in the old house that again are inaccessible from the main hotel. The old house has separate gardens that are blocked off from the main hotel gardens with big high trees dividing them so you can't even see into them. The only thing the hotel will do is give the best man the duty manager's phone number to ring when the bridal party are leaving the church in order to avoid to wedding parties arriving at the same time. I would HATE running into another bride/wedding in the hotel, so much so that normally it would be a deal breaker, but I have 100% confidence in Killashee that it just is not a possibility!
joker Posts: 2789
We booked our venue simply because it was one wedding a day policy... its again personal preference but i wasnted to know i was getting the sole attention of the venue today... think i should change my name to bridezilla!!
fluffiesmam Posts: 1470
we had originally booked a venue that had a 2 wedding a day policy, in it though, they had seperate entrances and seperate kitchens so it didn't really bother us. it would put me off if they were being served out of the same kitchen!!