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radar Posts: 120
mrsm2010 Posts: 464
November - but you would need to get your photos done sharpish because the light fades so fast. We wanted November for our wedding but my mother refused to come if it was in November. *Sigh* I think the idea of a lovely wintery day with everyone wrapped up is gorgeous!
goin-to-the-chapel Posts: 329
HI I would say novemeber as then you have xmas so you are not not on major low afterwards I am a Nov Bride to Be :o0
Starbar2010 Posts: 1261
I picked November too. I was at one 2 years ago and it was great. Mulled wine and log fires. mmmmmm :)
mrsmayflower Posts: 227
I picked February as I think it's a nice time to get married, it's early spring and you've just gotten your first pay cheque after Christmas and a wedding then feels like the first thaw after the long winter or something! I'm going to two weddings next Feb and think it is a really nice time of year to get married. You could do a Valentine's theme if you wanted??
feb26 Posts: 122
i picked feb coz i'm getting married in Feb!hoping for a really cold,bright and sunny day.there are pros and cons to both months really.Best of luck with whatever you decide
lady jules 83 Posts: 113
I wud say novemeber aswell, as another wolly said, you have the fire n you have christmas to look forward to once your back from honeymoon, best of luck... :wv
WeddingBelle2011 Posts: 503
I also say February, but i am biased about it also, as our wedding is in February 2011. We had the option between november and February, and I straight away chose February with the hope of getting a nice spring day. We chose the end of feb instead of the start or middle because the price of flowers would be threw the roof and no point in putting extra expense on ourselves.
new wolly Posts: 6
Hey, I would have to say november too, its close to christmas but not too close and ye can spend your first christmas as a married couple together i used to work as a wedding coordinator in a hotel and i can tell you its much cheaper to get married in november than it is in feburary, as with the weather you can never tell what way it is going to turn out and in november you are really guarnteed a crisp winters day, so i wud defo go for november xx
rebelin Posts: 113
We went for November, like other posters to have something to enjoy the run up to Christmas but also to avoid GAA fixtures :) February is usually pre-season training. But if you want to get scientific about it, have a look at the potential weather have a look at the reports on Met Eireann website [url:3gg732nl]http://www.met.ie/climate/monthly-summary.asp[/url:3gg732nl]