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Snotzer Posts: 361
? O-O
Buzzo Posts: 1055
my gp is in a practise on his own, so i always just see him. i think some practises have midwives, in which case people often see them instead. A nurse does seem a bit odd, you could ask to see the doc specifically seeing as appointments are few enough at your stage?
loopey Posts: 215
I'm doing combined care and have seen my GP on every visit, my sister also did combined care and seen the GP for all the visits too. It seems strange that they are referring you to the nurse.
Snotzer Posts: 361
i really wan to see a doctor as have a rash, and if I want to see her its 50 euro.. feel a tad ripped off??i need a sick cert for morning sickness& she charged me... and I also paid 50 for my first visit can i change doctor in the c/care system?
loopey Posts: 215
Oh my god, they are ripping you off. On my first visit I went because I wasnt feeling well and at that appointment the GP told me I was pregnant, I signed the combined care form and she never charged me for that visit and said I wouldnt be charged for any visits for the duration of my pregnancy. A few weeks ago I had to go to her as I had a bad dose of the flu (nothing pregnancy related) and I wasnt charged for that visit either. I cant see any problem changing GP's for your combined care. Its definitely worth looking into it.
Snotzer Posts: 361
really do you think so? I'm just so clueless & have nobody to ask... I have attended another doctor close to my work in the past who i brill, do you think If i just ask him can i switch over to him? this is stressful :o( i actually was awake during night worrying about it
loopey Posts: 215
Yeah I'd definitely go and have a chat to the other doctor. Just had a quick look on the net and you're definitely supposed to see your GP and not a nurse. I cant believe they want to charge you to see your GP when you're on combined care and the issue you have is pregnancy related? It's an expensive enough time and the last thing you want to be doing is paying €50 everytime you want to see the GP. Don't be worrying yourself over it, its the last thing you need right now. Go and have a chat to the other doctor and hopefully they can sort it out. Lets know how you get on.
tags Posts: 544
Its normal to be charged at your first visit when they confirm the pregnancy. You usually sign the combined care form then so that for any of your pregnancy related visits, you won't be charged. So I would say you weren't ripped off on the first visit but you shouldn't have been charged for your pregnancy related care.
AHappyMrs Posts: 622
[quote="jeanieboyle":22fn6kpk]I am due my 24 week app with my gp now and when i called the surgery she said i wont be meeting the doctor but a nurse... i was sure i was going to meet the doc, i had some questions to ask the doctor does everyone in combined care only meet nurse?[/quote:22fn6kpk] Just thought id let you know... my first visit i was charged the €50... since then all my visits (bar one after a high bp where i had to see doc at short notice) have been with the midwife.. i go in see her, she does bp and urine asks how i am, then gives the doc a shout and she pops in quickly to check baby's heartrate and has a feel of my stomach.. if ive any questions i ask then or ask nurse beforehand and she asks doc when she comes in. I dont know if that will be any use to you, perhaps this was what was going to happen at your appointment.... i have had to pay for 1 or 2 appointments whilst pregnant, but they were definitely not pg related... however charging you for a sick note for morning not on!