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another1 Posts: 174
volvic35 Posts: 1118
I got one at 10weeks, and was told I wouldn't get another one as Im classed as low risk, so I went out and booked a private one for 14weeks, and I'm booked in for a 3d/4d scan for tomorrow.
baby2010 Posts: 908
we're going public and we'd a mini scan at our 1st hospital apt at 19 wks and then the big scan at 21wks. Was told then that there wouldn't be another scan unless I went overdue.
another1 Posts: 174
Fairywings Posts: 360
I suppose it could differ in different parts of the country. I know for Limerick region, its usually 1 about 14 wks and another around the 30 wks mark. I have had friends who when they went for their checkups in the hospital, if they got a really nice Dr they might sneak another one in.
mrsblacky Posts: 440
I'm attending Portlaoise and I had one at about 15 weeks, then had one at 24 weeks. It wasn't mentioned whether I will be getting any more. I also had a scan at 8 weeks but I don't think this is standard, I think it was due to having a previous m/c.
seastar Posts: 120
I'm in the CUMH and I've had a small scan at each appointment. 36 week appt tomorrow so hope they do one then too.
rop Posts: 1453
hiya, going public in the coombe and had 12 week scan and was booked in for 22 week scan - will have mini scan at the midwives check ups too afaik hth
Winter B2B Posts: 3494
[quote="another1":15lmbbyw]hi girls just wondering for those of you who went or are going public - how many scans did you get and at what stages were they? i got one at 14 weeks and im in for another appointment in a few weeks - just wondering will i be getting a scan then or is it just a check up? thanks in advance for responces *)[/quote:15lmbbyw] It depends on what hospital you are attending. I'm in holles St and officially they only scan you around 20 weeks. however I had a rough time in the first trimester and have had a number of mini scan since then. It seems to depend on what doctor you get and which room you are brought into.