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Mrs Brightside Posts: 447
babychino Posts: 634
Hi Crazy love, I had MC in June 09, didn't TTC for 2 months on doctors advice. Started trying again in September and was so so lucky to conceive in October. Wishing you lots of luck, I know it's a lot easier said than done but try not to get stressed & positive thoughts are always good. :xox
babychino Posts: 634
Double post :duh:
Mrs Brightside Posts: 447
keyra Posts: 801
Hi Carzylove, So sorry to hear about your loss :o( . I had several miscarriages but the most recent was at the beginning of June last year and we started trying again straight away as i had heard that fertility was higher after a miscarriage and it had taken a year to get pregnant in the first place, thankfully i got my BFP again in mid July about 7 weeks later and without getting any AF. Really hope you dont have long to wait for your next BFP, keep positive and it will happen for you and your DH *)
sinion Posts: 6050
I had a chemical pregnancy last year, was pregnant again the following month but that ended in mc at 6.5 weeks, I gave it a month off then started trying and got bfp straight away. Best of luck
Sleep Monster Posts: 2829
So so sorry to hear of your loss. It's really tough. I think for the first cycle after my miscarriage I was feeling very positive and didn't really allow myself to think anything else, but getting pregnant again. When it didn't happen and my first period arrived (some women get pregnant with no period in between) I felt like I was reliving the miscarriage all over again and got really down for a while. Second month trying I followed the method (what's it called) where you dtd every second day, etc and if I hadn't I think we would have missed our window as my cycle was unusually short this month. So for me it happened on our second cycle. Anyway, really hope it happens for you and I would encourage you to try the method I used (someone remind me what it's called!?!?!) as your cycle can be all over the place after a miscarriage. But many out there say that you are extra fertile afterwards, so here's hoping. I understand that feeling though. You feel such a great sense of loss and emptyness and feel that only another pregnancy can make it go away. I hope it happens for you soon.
mrs ddt Posts: 3235
Sleep Monster - is it the SMEP thing you're talking about??? For me I had a MC last May and didn't get a bfp til December Keep the positive thinking going, it works!!
twinpeaks2 Posts: 77
Had mc in July 09, lap and dye end Oct, BFP Dec but miscarried. Got pregnant straight away, about 6 weeks now. Threatening to miscarry again though. So after 18 months almost of trying, I've gotten pregnant 3 times in 7 months.
MrsMoggie Posts: 135
Sleep Monster - SMEP!!! I used smep after my mc and got pg on my 2nd cycle. Would defo try this, there is a sticky on ttc. Best of luck!!