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CCAF Posts: 502
Mamaboom Posts: 2094
Your nearly there so your DH is almost out of the woods, my poor fecker has another 19 weeks of hormonal snot fests and tantrums to look forward to! On the golf thing, you should text him when he's just after teeing off saying you've got pains and think you might be starting >:o)
BlossomHill Posts: 2169
Because you are so close to due date you subconsciously want him close at hand...........but on a conscious level thats a whole other story! Best of luck.
crazylady10 Posts: 539
ya my dh is wrecking my head too!! i kill him, i cant help it, and its always his fault!!!!! whether it is or not, thats a different story!!
funkyfish Posts: 7626
[quote="pander":1egwi2j4]Girls, my dh is wrecking my head. I know its the hormones but i really feel like going up the stairs and boxing the head off him as he sleeps >:o) as you can see im nearly due, and he wants to go play golf tomorrow for the whole day. i dont know why this is annoying me cos i really dont want to look at him for the whole day....so why am i being such a b*tch to him!!! God cant wait for baba to be born!![/quote:1egwi2j4] jeepers i;d be glad for my dh to have gone away for the day when i was almost due. i just want to slob on the sofa/bath in peace and quiet and rest.
MummyLuv Posts: 2478
Ah yes the "I'd love to get rid of u for a while cuz ur doing my head in ....hey where do u think ur going????? " moments! Have found it easier this time he isn't annoying me as much having said that he's off to a stags when I'm 37 weeks and I can't wait for him to go!!!! If I have bub while he's gone I have bub thats the way I see it. Hormones are the best gives us and excuse to take thier heads off hee hee am in very bold form tonight!
Princess Mom Posts: 304
I know exactly what you mean I have been level headed throughout but If I ring his phone and get voicemail I am like omg what if it was an emergency and I needed him. What annoys me now is nobody seems to want to leave me on my own anymore and I am yearning for a quiet day at home alone. I know Dh will be gone all next Saturday and Sunday and I know my mother wants me at home so she can preggysit me. Maybe I will let on to her that I am gone with Dh and tell Dh I am with my mother :innocent:
PrincessLea Posts: 436
Oh god, I'm so glad to hear I'm not hte only one!!! There are times when I really really could kill DH, can't stand him!!! And can't understand what made me marry him in the first place, he must be the most useless, stupid thing walking!!! Had a huge rant to my sister the other nigth, poor her! And then I felt terrible, cause he really is so good to me the whole time, and I know he'd do absolutely anything for me... But I still could KILL him!!! Effin hormones... :o0