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jessieF Posts: 175
. J
Bridesmaid Posts: 89
I have very limited experience and sorry to be the barer of bad news but I know boutiques are one of the most likely enterprises to fail and that it is very difficult to get a decent profit - likely to be at least two years before you see any kind of profit.
jessieF Posts: 175
Bridesmaid Thanks for your reply - do you know of any websites etc that I could get advice from. Do you mind me asking if you have opened a boutique yourself? Also what do you mean by decent profit? Thanks J
Bridesmaid Posts: 89
Not a clue about websites but I am sure a google would find some suitable government related ones. I did not open a boutique but a friend did and it took her at least two years to make ANY profit at all - they are significant outgoings in boutiques - rent, clothing etc. and it is a very competitive industry My experience about failure is from family who work in banks and boutiques are notorious failures?!?! This is only the cons of the business - there would be no shops if no-one made any money but it is probably a very cyclical business with lots of shops facing a very tough Christmas. Best of luck with your decision. BM.
MTMR Posts: 788
I don't like to advertise for the competition but AIB have a good link on their site for setting up a business.