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BipsyBoo Posts: 1534
StellaBella Posts: 432
All I can say is that person sounds like one massive insecure b*i*t*c*h , if I had to deal with anyone like that, by god she would be picking her teeth up off the floor, next time she says anything about ur bump or waddle, just say well at least mine will be gone in a few months, and just laugh, give her a dose of her own treatment. Any smart comments, just return them in the same manner. It sounds more like jealousy than anything, but stand up to her, don't just sit there and let her make an eejit of u, and if u find she is totally out of line, pull her up on it, and ask has she a problem with pregnant women?? U will find she will back down very quickly. If it is ongoing report her to ur boss, and let them have a little chat with her.
theoracle Posts: 7664
I don't think you are being sensitive. That woman has a mental problem. :ooh I can't believe the comments she is making. Sorry pet, could you not talk to your boss about it? I think she has overstepped the line by so much, the line is a dot to her!
Mooches Posts: 875
Oh my god, she sounds like a total bĂ­tch! It doesn't matter if she has a smile on her face when she's saying it, in fact, I think that makes it worse. I'm presuming she hasn't got kids herself? Reading through the lines a bit I'd say she's completely jealous of you and unlike a normal person who might just congratulate you and then keep their distance & comments to themselves if they've an issue with your pregnancy, this woman seems to want to make you feel bad at every opportunity. If she was normal to you before your pregnancy then now she's bullying you and discriminating against you on purpose. I'd have a word with her superiors and say that her remarks are very hurtful towards you and if you can show them a record of things she's said or done to you. At least you don't have too much longer to be dealing with her. Wishing you the very best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy. :wv
Carlow09 Posts: 234
I had to reply, this woman is an out and out B!TCH ! My God, you've done well so far not to react to her. I would say the other girls in the office were also horrified when she said that awful comment on your scan. Sounds to be like a real case of the green eyed monster. To be honest, I think she is a real wagon, and it may be no harm the next time she makes a nasty comment to jot down date, time and what she said. And keep a record of it just in case, so if you feel the need to report it to a superior then you have solid facts that CANNOT be dismissed as being too sensitive. I am horrified by some of the things she has said to you. Well done for not rising to that weapon. Best of luck, and just remember there is always one and she is the exception rather than the rule. Take care and thank God you wont have to deal with her much longer :)
charlieh Posts: 71
my god, i was horrified when i read this! you poor thing!!! there will be no talking to a person like this. the only thing you can do is try to distance yourself from her. if she continues to send you information like that, respond saying you would rather she didnt send things like that and save all the emails. this is a type of bullying. im not saying going to HR or even reporting her (even though she deserves it) but i would keep a note of all just in case. Dont let her feel bad about your bump and definitely dont let someone like that take your happiness. im sure you're so happy being pregnant and i hate to think of anyone spoiling that on you. when it comes to hospital appointments by law work has to let you go to them so i wouldnt worry what she says. i dont actually know what you can do but dont blame yourself your not being hormoanl she is being horrible. you cant fight with someone like that so just back away. i had a friend who reacted badly to my pregnancy (she made me feel like a scarlet women and has yet you congratulated me) so im just backing away from her. its self preservation, i dont need anyone poisen in my life right now and either do you. good luck and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy *)
valentine09 Posts: 681
Sorry to hear about how this woman has treated you. It sounds like she has huge 'issues' and I would say they are jealousy mainly. I am a little suprised none of the other girls in the office have told her to cop on. Or maybe she only says things to you when no one else is around. I would keep a record of all things she says and go to your boss if you feel it is getting out of hand.
BipsyBoo Posts: 1534
xxdaisyxx Posts: 93
I don't think she is being a b!tch. I think she is being a spiteful C U Next Tuesday! Well done for not giving a solid slap! Just think, in a few weeks you'll be at home with ur beautiful baby and she'll be in work with nothing but her horrible attitude to keep her company. How dare anyone pass remarks about ur appearance, pregnant or not. And how dare she question the necessity of ur hospital appointments. But I think u handled that situation perfectly. Give her nothing to say. As for the birth horror stories, my first labour was awful, but I cannot wait to do it again. Even the hardest labour will probably be the most rewarding and amazing thing u ever do. And WTF would a nasty cow like her know about it?
Piggle Posts: 1770
this is an actual form of bullying! She is being horrible and I for one would not put up with it! Why should you? Even this "lady" has issues in regards to being or getting pregnant she should not treat someone like this! She is a bitter twisted lady and I would definitely be having words with my boss over it! One girl I worked with started like that with me when I announced I was pregnant and again all with a smile, one day she said "You are milking this pregnancy" That was it, I was done with her and her petty rotten remarks, so I went straight to my bosses boss! It wasn't long stopping, soon after a few more complaints this girls contract wasn't renewed and the office was a happier nicer place! These people can't get away with being THAT rude!! You are a saint for putting up with it! Nobody should make you feel bad for being pregnant, this is your happy time, embrace it and proudly :lvs :lvs :lvs