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lush11 Posts: 2877
Anyone know what maternity bills it covers and how much do ya actually pay at the end of the day?
scobette Posts: 1010
fOUND THIS FOR YA Garda medical aid benefits section updated Jan 2010. 2.4 Maternity Benefit ♦ The Society provides full cover for semi-private accommodation in all Public Hospitals in the State. ♦ The Society will pay €2140 toward the cost of semi-private accommodation in Mount Carmel, Dublin in the case of a normal delivery. ♦ In the case of a Caesarean Section and subject to a letter from the Gynaecologist confirming it was medically necessary, the Society will pay a grant of €3600 towards the cost of semi private accommodation in Mount Carmel Hospital, Dublin. If it is an elective Caesarean Section the normal benefit of €2140 will apply. ♦ Obstetrician/Gynaecologists Fees including “Delivery Fee”. 1. Normal delivery €1,760.00 – This grant will be paid to the member 2. Caesarean Section €1,980.00 – This grant will be paid to the member (A waiting period of 12 months will apply to members who transfer from another insurer before the full benefit in respect of Obstetrician/Gynaecologist fees will apply. Within the 12-month period members will be paid the same benefit as that of their existing insurer.) Notes: ♦ The above benefits towards maternity costs are paid where the mother has been insured with the Society for more than 280 days. ♦ Income Tax relief is claimable on maternity costs incurred and not refunded by the Society. Your local Revenue Commissioners Office will provide you with details and method of claiming. HTH ring them if you want to query the Rotunda specifically as I'm sure they will know xx