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blondiechick Posts: 1641
streaks Posts: 3592
Hi blonde chick, I had to reply when news this even if it's just to offer a bit of support! This is such a horrible situation for you to be in and especially when you have a you g child that needs quiet time now and again! To be honest if these disturbances are ongoing and are affecting you so greatly, I think I'd be notifying the guards if it's ongoing! You tried to speak with them and it was to no avail so you really don't have any choice! It may be their livelihood but they need to take other people into consideration especially if they are living in a semi d! Don't take that crap from them! They obviously have no respect for the people around them!
sugarandspice Posts: 2378
that's terrible, you poor thing. awful not to be getting on with your neighbours when you've just moved in, as well as the noise. maybe contact local council to see if you can get a noise monitor from them? then you can presend evidence to the guards. they really should be looking into ways to soundproof their house
MiniMeonBoard Posts: 6208
god hun thats dreadful. It will drive you round the bend. I'd def get onto the council and keep notes of time etc that they make noise. There has to be something that prevents them from making noise in the evenings.. Fair enough its their livelyhood but a bit of consideration isnt much to ask esp when u have a baby to look after.. I wonder do any of the other neighbours find it annoying too..
whoop Posts: 1310
Unfortunately there isn't a whole lot you can do to effectively stop the noise immediately. What you can do though is start a process where you can take a case to the district course under nuisance through Tort law. This is a last resort but it does sound like you have tried asking them reasonably. In order to do this you should keep a log of all nuisances caused by the neighbours - dates/times etc, get a volume indicator to measure if the noise is unreasonable or record the noise from within your home and log any times you have to speak to your neighbour about the noise levels. The law doesn't really favour complaints about noise going on during reasonable hours - i.e up until 9pm or so, but after this it is considered unsociable hours. HTH.