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Excited Mum2b Posts: 232
Lolly don't worry honey, you will be absolutely fine. I was worried sick about my first birth. Didn't even bother reading the books past the birth stage because I was just so focused on how terrible it was going to be. In reality it was so quick I think I went a little into shock afterwards. Pain wise, it was very very manageable. A nice bath at home and two tablets, on the advice of the midwife, was all I needed until I was ready to push. Even the pushing part (which I was dreading the most) was fine. I know we are all different, our experiences will all be different, but try not to worry. Go in with an open mind. Take each stage as it comes and remember that there are wonderful drugs out there to help you should you need a little assistance. Also, take a few drinks and straws in along with some mini-Mars or similar in case you need a wee snack. :action32
leopardess Posts: 906
[quote="Lolly2010":4lcxo08y] [quote="leopardess":4lcxo08y]i know theres also one called gentlebirthing think you can just buy the cd with this one and do it yourself at home if you didnt want to/couldn't go to a class hth[/quote:4lcxo08y] I told my best mate yesterday how i was feeling, i never told her before because she doesnt have kids and i knew she'd say "a sure ul be grand" and thats grand for her to say, anyways she told me her sis was feeling the same and her sis offered to give me her gentlebirth cd's, im delighted :o)ll she said there amazing, so fingers crossed i find them good to, at this stage id try anything. :-8 [/quote:4lcxo08y] thats great...i hope they help :)
Thumbelina Posts: 2340
[quote="Lolly2010":tgelg8xj][quote="Thumbelina":tgelg8xj]Lolly - DS2 arrived so quickly I didn't have time to think about it! The only time I panicked was on the way to the hospital cos we had to get a Garda escort across town & I feared for my life we were going so fast! DS1's labour was ok, quick in the end & didn't have time for an epidural. Was a bit scary at the end as he went into distress so had to have vacuum delivery & episiotomy. Was dreading going through that again but just had g&a on DS2 & it was great, really gave me a 'I totally don't care about anything!' feeling!! 2 pushes & he was out with a tiny graze. You've know idea what sort of a labour you're going to have so don't waste time worrying about it. I found pregnancy yoga great for relaxing, really helped me banish bad thoughts from my mind in the late stages of pregnancy & the breathing techniques are great if you're having trouble sleeping at night with your mind wandering. Big hugs xxx[/quote:tgelg8xj][/quote:tgelg8xj] Garda escort :eek glad you arrived safely and baby of coarse. Your 100% right i have no idea what it will be like this time, this is what i need to get into my head. I know people say the 2nd is easier so im holding onto that taught :-8 Thanks so much for the message :action32 x Yeah, it was a different way to arrive at the hospital alright!!! I'll be checking into Jurys on Parnell St this time a week before I'm due & then I'll just have to cross the road once it all kicks off :o0