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elmar06 Posts: 201
nickyk12 Posts: 120
my sil had similar prob will ask her for u!!! altho baby brain mush so pm me with a reminder :wink: please nicky
abbie76 Posts: 17
If you call into make-up forever (On Clarendon Street) you can get one of their derma pallets. These are for covering tatoos & will do the trick for you.
Gerbera Posts: 539
Dermablend, absolutely brilliant. I used it to cover bad rosacea on my face but it's also recommended for covering tattoos.
elmar06 Posts: 201
Thanks for that. I'll have to check into that Dermablend. One last quick question - how would that work if I'm getting a spray tan? Would it be very obvious looking if I had to put that on over tan?
Gerbera Posts: 539
There are several different shades in the Dermablend and you'd get one closest to your skin colour. Theres a face one and a body one. I would get a trial tan done and then head to a place that supplies it and ask them to match up the colour for you.
elmar06 Posts: 201
Hi Gerbera, I went into a few places in Dundalk, where I live, yesterday and I was told that Dermablend hasn't been available to buy in the last few years - is this true? Maybe I'd have to go to Dublin to buy it?
sue06 Posts: 206
I think Dermablend is available in BT.
Shell Bell Posts: 357
There's an Art Deco one I'm getting a trial size one to try @ the weekend..will let you know how I get on
AislinnS Posts: 1253
There is one called Veil as well - make up artists use it for film and camera work. Great stuff, and doesn't feel like you've layered it on with a trowel. Just remember to set it properly with powder afterwards, to avoid telltale smudges! If you're having your makeup done professionally on the day though, just bring it along and ask them to do it for you. Much less hassle that way.