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newyorker Posts: 309
babyblossom Posts: 78
Hi, I had lletz treatment 2 yrs ago, I'm now 38 wks pregnant. The treatment hasn't affected pregnancy whatsoever, so far. My gp made very little of the treatment affecting pregnancy, as did the midwife & doctor at the hospital I'm attending. It was discussed at my first visit & has not been mentioned since. I had read horror stories on dr google about incompetent cervix etc & not being able to carry baby but the doctors have told me this was more likely to happen years ago & with the way the lletz treatment is carried out these days, it's not seen as a concern. I've not had an internal examination/cervix examination throughout the pregnancy. I am now wondering if it will have an impact now when I go into labour & will ask at my hospital app tomorrow. But as I said, so far it hasn't seemed to make any difference. Best of luck!
chocalate Posts: 41
hi, i also had lletz treatment 3 yrs ago too and i am curretly 38 weeks pregnant and so far no problems thank god. i did have 2 very small bleeds during my 2nd trimester but docs couldnt relate it to anything in particular. anyways i'm sure it wont affect the labour either. i wouldnt panic or worry yourself.just enjoy ttc and best of luck with it all. :babydust:
vidia Posts: 2960
I had this done about 3 years before I became pregnant. No problems with pregnancy, had section after failed induction (gynae implied that I probably wouldnt progress, he had never mentioned anything linking the two at any of my visits, I was private.) On my second, I had hoped for a VBAC, went a few days over, went in for a sweep (public this time). During the sweep the gynae who I had never met before, asked if "I had work done down below" I kid you not, and booked me in for a section there and then. I was kind of stunned, as I never knew there maybe links between the two. All the best with the TTC..
twoboys Posts: 320
I've heard that Mums can have a more fibrous cervix from the scarring left after the procedure so dilation may take longer and the cervix needs massaging during labour to help break down the scar tissue.....but I don't know if Midwives in Ireland do this regularly during labour.
ttc_bfp_opk_wtf Posts: 682
jiggyjiggy, I was in exactly the same boat as you 2 years ago except that I had LLETZ done twice. The gynae who did it told me to mention it to my consultant if I got pregnant which I did. He usually didn't see people until 16 weeks but I got an early appointment with him to check the length of my cervix, it was fine and he checked it again a couple of weeks after that. There is a certain point at which it will cause I problem if it's going to - I think that was about 20 weeks but don't quote me on that bit. If there is a problem they can put a stitch in which I believe is no big deal. I went overdue, I think I would still be pregnant if they hadn't induced me!! Luckily from the first gel until they were doing my stitches after delivery was 4 hours, no time even for an epidural but it was fine.
newyorker Posts: 309
Thanks a million for the replies girls. Good to know others have been through the same thing and everything has worked out ok.
Diamontee Posts: 675
Hi Jiggyjiggy!! I had this done 5 years ago, Had no problems in my 1st pregnancy but did have a section so cant comment on labour. I had a bleed on this pregnancy at 10weeks and they checked my cervix and it looked normal, hopefully will try a vbac! They know about my lletz done and it hasnt caused any concern with anyone! Best of luck ttc :babydust: :babydust: