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amberjack Posts: 1273
[quote="holyshitballs":1pnqvezt]Well I always thought lush was jamesyjo...no?[/quote:1pnqvezt] Jamseyjo and Lush do seem to have a lot in common if they're not one and the same - kindered spirits
babyforus Posts: 1619
Jamesy, I wouldn't let anyone's replies affect you or what you post. I for one loved talking to you on ttc. I wouldn't leave wol either. It's not your problem how other people react to posts. Your post was light hearted to me.
Sassypants Posts: 4461
[quote="amberjack":rt9czi9f][quote="holyshitballs":rt9czi9f]Well I always thought lush was jamesyjo...no?[/quote:rt9czi9f] Jamseyjo and Lush do seem to have a lot in common if they're not one and the same - kindered spirits[/quote:rt9czi9f] I always thought they were the same person too! Both seem to have a love of starting threads. Though Lush11, I haven't seen you around in quite a while.
wowza Posts: 556
[quote="jamseyjo":3esznsi9] [b:3esznsi9]As for the rest, go to hell[/b:3esznsi9]. Things go full circle, some day you may find yourselves writing a post and being attacked for a silly thread that you didn't think was silly![/quote:3esznsi9] A little harsh IMO.
Fruice Posts: 677
[quote="Bonnie Parker":p8t8n3ux]Ah here, if you replace a thread title with a dot you are guaranteed a 3 pager will become a 7 pager on no time, sure were all on for a gawk now! I think belt away jamsey, post whatever you want. But it does work both ways. I dont think its reached the 'Shame on Ye' point. I think your playing the sympathy card a bit now.[/quote:p8t8n3ux] I only clicked into this thread because it was a dot and posted by jamesyjo, figured that it was exactly this type of thread, OP gets the hump and deletes, always gonna be good! :o0
ructions Posts: 2689
jamesyjo you're probably a bit hormonal alright. Some of the responses were a little harsh IMO. You do tend to have brain farts out loud here, doesn't bother me in the slightest but obviously does bother others. Give yourself a break, there's no need to leave WOL permanently.
Honeypie Posts: 180
Ah HERE. I clicked on it because I knew it had obviously descended into madness & been deleted too. JamesyJo I don't know you. But you seem to be a nice enough person who likes to post every question that pops into your head in case someone will have had the same experience. This wrecks my head, I prefer to google, so I don't click on all your posts. But I'm not going to tell you not to do it. I just won't read it because I think sometimes you're wondering out loud and I'll just let you at it. You have to be able to admit when your hormones are playing up. Otherwise I'd be divorced over a swiss roll. Not even joking. Relax & calm down, it's not good for you to get all stressed up over nothing.
MrsMommy Posts: 1112
Bfp4me2013 Posts: 760
i'm really confused as to what is going on?? I read original post this morning and didnt see anything wrong with what was said.... What's going on???
fluffybaby Posts: 174
Not sure what's going on myself. It seems that some people don't appreciate the fact that the OP posts a lot of new threads about random things. TBH if I see a thread by a certain person or a thread with a topic I wouldn't be particularly interested in I just don't read it.