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bluebell78 Posts: 202
lovelycuppatea Posts: 481
Ah crap! That's rotten luck! Have you no other name you'd like? Do you have a lot of contact with your neighbours? If you do I think I'd be inclined to go for a different one, especially if it's an unusual name?
katiemomma Posts: 2690
Do you know the sex of your baby? as in are you sure your having the same as your neighbour? how close is the neighbour? If I loved the name I would definitely go with it. Maybe spell it differently to the way they are spelling it or say it to them before you go in. Im sure they wont mind. My sil is due 3 weeks before me so Im hoping they dont choose the same name as we like. I think because they will be first cousins born within afew weeks of each other that I couldnt name them the same but would feel differently with a neighbour/friend.
bluebell78 Posts: 202
bluebell78 Posts: 202
Ah yeah totally agree first cousins, you would have to change the name. Yeah we know the sex, it's just so frustrating!
Anne Cordelia Shirley Posts: 4731
Our boy's name was used last year by someone I know. We love the name and it hasn't stopped us keeping it for this baby if its a boy. You mightn't always be neighbours, I wouldn't let it sway me.
Sassypants Posts: 4461
So unlucky, sorry to hear that. Agree with the girls, are you close to your neighbours? Either way I think if your baby is same sex and you really want to use same name I would probably mention it to them and say you had that name chosen ages ago. Just so they don't think you are copying them! Maybe imagine if it were the other way around?
ring a rosie Posts: 9
This happened to me with our first baby. Close friends used the name I had always planned to use if I had a baby girl- I was so annoyed!. I decided that I didn't want the same name so we went back to the drawing board and we chose a different name- and I really prefer it- it really suits our daughter better. So you could have a re-think- you might be surprised. To be honest I wouldn't give my daughter the same name as the girl next door who is the same age. They will probably be friends and in the same class and I think even though you like the name- I think you should give your daughter her own name that is different from the girl next door. And even though it is definitely silly and not rational I would be annoyed if the neighbours called their daughter the same name as my daughter born a week apart. It is just unfortunate that it happened but really you could find another name. Do you think in the future your daughter would prefer that? Also just on the name Saoirse- it is very very common now-it is exceedingly popular. I know of 4 born in the last year or 2- so you may find there is even more than 2 in your daughter's class- you might be glad that you had this opportunity to rethink...If I were you I'd change it.
CherylC Posts: 1071
I would stick with your name! The neighbours could move next month and then youre stuck with a name you don't like for ever! Unless it was a relative I wouldn't change personally. If you like the name I would keep it and not worry.
incognito11 Posts: 193
I think you should use the name you like the most Sure they'll probably play together as kids, but they won't live next door to each other forever! For the record though I LOVE Treasa, it means strength, it's on our girls shortlist :wv