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Vic Titious Posts: 518
b2b06 Posts: 45
Hey xmasbride05! What a fantastic story - one to tell the kids!! My h2b is 4 years younger than me ( 27 ) but still acts like a 10 year old sometimes!! :P But I think it's a good thing. He keeps me on my toes and is always fun to be around. We met when we both worked in a hotel in Connemara, 6 years ago. It took us a few months to get together and we moved in with each other after only one date!! Best decision I ever made. And now here we are planning to get married - at the time everyone said it wouldn't last but we knew in our hearts that we were right for each other - so glad we didn't listen!!
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My hubbie is 6 years younger than me, when we first meet I though he said he was one year younger than me!!! and we got slagged cos he was one year younger and because he was crazy about me he didnt tell me his real age till we were going out 3 months, I was really upset but after a couple of long conversations that the only reason he didnt tell me was cos he knew I would break up with him we continued going out and now we are very happily married and I love my "boy toy". :0)