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can\'touchthis Posts: 181
clucky Posts: 26471
Sarah No i dont think you are being unreasonable at all - you should gather all the information about IVF and IUI and print off information about the op he is going to have - sit down and go through all your options with him. let him know the rate of success for his op and what you want to do if it doesnt work. try to be calm dont let it get into another row Take care
Corks Posts: 355
I would be feeling the same way as you Sarah07 - I would want to try everything possible. But I suppose in your DH eyes, and because he may feel its him that needs the help, he may want to ttc with the smallest bit of help possible iniitally. And if you guys were successful and fell pg he would feel more proud than having needed further help. Its probably a 'man thing'. Just my tuppence worth. I can't think of any advice or anything. You will come to the right decision I'm sure. Hugs Corks
Elliecat Posts: 2725
Don't have any advice, but didn't want to read and not reply. Sorry you're going through this, my sis and bil are having problems and have gone through icsy (or something like that) and I know that it is a really tough thing to go through - physically for the woman as much as mentally, so maybe your dh is right, try this op first before putting yourself through really intrusive procedures that hopeful won't be necessary. There are girls out there who are far better informed than me though, so just wanted to say good luck.
Quinn2Be Posts: 177
so sorry :( whats this new IVD thing they're all talking about, just as good as chance as with IVF but alot less expensive...maybe have a look into that as I know people who got into terrible money problems because of IVF (although it would be worth it if it all worked out!)
can\'touchthis Posts: 181
lunamie Posts: 271
I think I'd want to give other things a try before IVF. A friend of mine went through a few cycles a few years ago and I remember her telling me about how tough it was on your body as well with all the drugs etc... If there was a possibility that you mightn't have to go through that I can see why your DH might want to give this op a shot first.