Torn between 2 dresses

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penderm4 Posts: 2
Please HELP I'm getting married in July , I've chosen my dress in one shop and paid a hefty dep. However I keep thinking about a different style so much that I tried it on again in another shop and really like it too ! I was originally advised against the second dress as it was too boring and similar to another dress that a friend had for her wedding last year and I don't want to be seen to be copying ! but the style really suits me . Both dresses are lovely and the money issue isn't a prob please help me choose !!!! The beaded dress is the one I have the dep on and the strapless one is the style I can't get out of my head !
MrsSparkle2B Posts: 1689
For me the beaded one is much more wow & unique than the strapless. And the back is stunning! Good luck making your choice X
mrsmcc2502 Posts: 497
I have to say I prefer the strapless! I wouldn't suit straplkess but I LOVE the fishtail bottom, absolutely gorgeous! If there's one you can;'t get out of your head I'd say that's the one!
penderm4 Posts: 2
thanks ladies, the beaded one seems to be the one most people are leaning towards in my bridal group also. I did always say I wanted a backless dress all along... and it is a fab dress to be fair... maybe its just stress that has me re thinking my decision.
silly missy moo Posts: 32
I have to say I think the beaded one is wow and not many people could carry it off. It would definitely be remembered where as I agree the shape of the other is very flattering it has similarities to many wedding dresses ive seen
PlayBones Posts: 32
Hi, I prefer the beaded dress, love the way it swings at the bottom and the detail on the back is very classy and beautiful. Hope you're happy whichever you choose!! PB.
Tipp2016 Posts: 72
Hi could you maybe go and try both dresses on again and that might help . I was having second thoughts about the dress I had put deposit on but once I went for measuring and tried it on again I knew straight away I had made the right decision . Both are beautiful so you will be stunning whichever you chose . Best of luck . Happy planning .
esla2016 Posts: 214
The beaded dress is stunning, really lovely and interesting. The strapless - well, it's not an a-line (so many dresses are strapless a-line!) but it doesn't have teh same wow factor for me
2016love Posts: 85
The strapless dress I think is more classy and wow! Nothing like my own but love that now seeing it in the pic. Wouldn't be mad on the beaded one but as OP said go try them both on again and see which gives you that excitement feeling! Good Luck X
comprometida Posts: 143
I love the beaded one I think it's so much more unique! But I would say that at the end of the day it only matters that YOU love it and feel your most beautiful in it. I brought a lot of people with me to dress appointments and all the opinions were so overwhelming. In the end I decided not to tell the girls which dress I chose (just told my mum and sister) as I couldn't stop second guessing myself! This way it will be a surprise for them on the day and I don't have to worry about differing opinions in the meantime! Good luck with your choice. They are both beautiful x