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Kop Mama Posts: 804
Hi girls, I know this should prob be in off topic but i just feel absolutely crap. As most of you prob know we put our wedding off by a year because of loss of jobs and money :o( Anyway things have been going well foir the last couple of months now and we have been saving. H2B working 2 jobs etc. His first night off in 3 weeks was on Sunday and we had cosy night in watching dvd but fell asleep on sofa. Woke up on sofa at 1am just walked straight into bed and forgot to put alarm on O:| Baby woke up at 6.30 so i went to kitchen to get him a drink and realised we had been broken into. Front door wide open place in bits!!!!! Police came out but couldnt get fingerprints because they must have had gloves on >:o( To top it all of the baby was sick all day yesterday ended up in childrens hospital and he has pnemonia. Girls im seriously at my wits end here. Dont know how much more of this I can take. Sorry for the rant :-8
Serendipity2009 Posts: 1224
Oh Trina sweetheart, I am so sorry for you :o( :o( That is just the lousiest thing going to be broken into. The only thing is that at least none of you were hurt or anything like that. (silver lining and all that!) I hope you are ok, I don't blame you being f**ked off of the whole world at this stage. If you want to PM me at any stage for a bit of support do :) Lots of love and hugs Fluffy xx
ohsotired Posts: 7071
Trina that's terrible - my heart goes out to you! :xox :xox :xox :xox I hope your little fella gets better soon - I know it's awful to get broken into but remember at the end of the day what they took can be replaced (hopefully they didn't get anything of any sentimental value!). I know this won't be much comfort to you now but the most important thing is that your baby gets better soon! If you ever need anything just let me know!! xxxx
sasbarella80 Posts: 87
That's really awful trinagiggle, as if things weren't bad enough in the first place :o( I can't believe it happened so late at night too, very weird. How old is your baby? That really must be the final straw, you poor thing.
Trixy3 Posts: 2041
Oh Trinagiggle my heart goes out to you I have never experienced a break in but my wallet was robbed once and I was inconsolable. I think it's just the fact that someone had stolen your personal belongings and in your case they have broken into your house. I am gald to hear though that things were starting to pick up, you have got through tough times before and you can do it again. :action32 Your poor little baby, I hope everything is ok with him and he will be back to himself in a week or so. :thnk
ScarlettoHara Posts: 8442
Oh thats terrible you poor girl. You have every right to be pi**ed off and no need to be sorry for it! Please god your little man gets better soon :xox
mini mama Posts: 834
You poor thing...dont be apologising for the're more than entitled to it and god love you to be going through all of this...thank god no one was hurt and I hope your baby starts to feel better soon...main thing is for you to get some rest and build up your strenght again and post or pm anytime you want to vent :xox
lovelybones Posts: 884
Oh Trinagiggle so sorry to hear you're having such a terrible time, i don't blame you being at your wits end. Hope your little man gets better soon! Hugs for you all :xox :xox
Bunnybaby Posts: 2701
oh god trinagiggle thats soo terrible you poor thing theres nothing bloody worse.....i wouldnt blame you for being depressed this hole of a country is just going more down hill by the minute....i hope your little baby gets better soon maybe just try and focus on getting the babs better for the time being... :xox
Gummiebear Posts: 2911
Ah trina that is just awful and my heart goes out to you. The main thing, as other girls have said, is that no body was hurt. I really hope your baby gets well soon and that things start looking up for you soon.xxxx