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Hopefully07 Posts: 2027
Some of you might remember my last post about having a Lap and getting my ovarian cysts removed, well yesterday the doc’s just gave me the news that I have Stage 1 cancer (I seriously can’t believe it) I just new there was something wrong for the last couple of months, (I do have to say however this is VERY rare and Ovarian Cysts are not normally cancerous so please do not panic if you do have one) My only saving grace is that they cot it at a VERY early stage. (stage “A”) so this means that once the Cysts is removed that they have it all (fingers crossed) I really just wanted to post this to let people know that if you do think that there is something wrong DO NOT let your doctor fob you off, my family GP did this to me for 6 months until I put my foot down and told him I wanted something done, he booked a Scan for me on the Friday but I was rushed to hospital on the Wednesday with terrible pain and the Cysts was removed the follow Tuesday, If you are unsure go seek another doctors opinion after all these doc’s are only human and can make mistakes sometimes. I have to say I am SOOO positive about this I even came into work today!!!!! I am in good hands and I have a hubby and a family who are 110% behind me.
Princess consuela Posts: 1480
Sorry to hear that but thank you soooo much for posting it. I've had friends and family that wouldn't go to the doctor and they ended up suffering for it - so if this gives even one person the incentive to go you have done a great job by highlighting the point. Hope everything turns out just great for you - well done for being so positive. Look after your self Thanks again Fi
strawberry shortcake Posts: 9094
HI thats great that its in early stages and they'll get it all. you have great enery and i wish you all the best and a speedy recovery. take care
mama sugar Posts: 1387
best of luck with a speedy recovery its great that you are so strong and that you have a great family around you take care x
feelsobad Posts: 693
Sorry to hear your news but it is great that they caught it so early. Thank you for posting not only does it warn people but gives us all a little perspective on things.... Might be worth you mentioning the symptoms so we all know what to look out for? Best of luck
Purple Tulip Posts: 3442
hope everything turns out ok, best of luck.
Frankie Posts: 1571
Bab, thank goodness they caught it at such an early stage. you were dead right to listen to your body telling you there was something wrong. Take care of yourself and take the time out to recover now.
Lorr06 Posts: 214
Well done for putting ur foot down with the doc and thank god they caught it early enough. Best of luck with the recovery & take it easy in work! Lorr
WifeZilla Posts: 1222
I'm sorry to hear about the cancer but I think it's the dreaded 'C' word that puts the fear of God into people. My father had prostate cancer that was caught early and is now in flying form thank God. This type of cancer you have is one of the most treatable forms of cancer, similiar to prostate cancer in men and beleieve me, being detected early will mean they can sort this out asap and have you lead a happy and healthy life! Best of luck!xxxxx
Sassy Posts: 2269
So sorry to hear your news. I really hope everything goes well for you and you recover from it quickly. Thank you so much for sharing your news with us, i'm sure it wasn't easy.