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Oldbride Posts: 27
Hi There I am a regular lurker on this site, was on alot when I was planning my wedding last year but not so much until that last couple of months. I got a BFP two weeks ago, yet another June baby! It was first time lucky for us too and I cant believe it! :xox Problem is I need some advise, I have just gotten a lovely kitten which is an indoor cat. I have been reading on websites about this Toxomosplosis and my doctor also warned me about it. Now from what I have read it is unlikely that I would every become infected as its unlikely my kitten would have it or is likely to get it. The problem is I have also been hearing from people that its not safe to have cats around new babies. My head is absolutely melted at this stage and I have not been able to sleep. Do I look for a new home for my lovely kitten? Please help, has anyone ever been in this situation? All advise greatly accepted. Thanks J
loved up Posts: 119
well first of all pregnant women should never touch kitty litter - its transferred that way does your kitten have to stay indoors can you train it to become an outdoor cat never heard that about cats and babies i never had that problem with our cats
bellabella Posts: 2750
Well when i went to get my rubella checked i was also checked for cmv levels and Toxomosplosis level.Cmv and rubella levels were perfect but I am not immune to toxomosplosis. This is not checked in Ireland but here it is. ANyway my doc just said to be extra carefull and not to worry
Mama Smurf Posts: 1447
All these are just extra safe precautions. I wouldn't worry the chances of you getting sick from your cat are extremely low. Maybe just don't change the kitty litter yourself. Get someone else to do it. But your kitty won't harm your baby at all. Cats are extremely independent and only really care about themselves at the end of the day so it won't really bother the cat that theres a new arrival in the house. best of luck
Oldbride Posts: 27
Hi Lovedup I know I don't touch the litter, that will be hubbys job :o0 Apprently outdoor cats are the real risk. They pick up the disease through hunting, mice, birds etc so its better to have an indoor cat. I guess I am just worried over whether its a good thing to have a cat and a baby. I take you have cats, do you have to watch them all the time or did they even show any interest in the baby?
SoExcited Posts: 204
Hi Oldbride, I was exactly the same as yourself, really worried about this situation. We have 2 little kitties, they are about a year old now. I checked with the doctor and the midwife and read up loads on the internet and basically it's fine as long as you're careful. Don't touch or change the litter tray - that is the most important thing really. Hubby deals with litter tray and the general cleaning up after them. I still give them cuddles and that but have cut down alot. You'll be fine with your little kitten as long as you stay away from the litter tray. Hope this helps, SoExcited. P.S. Congrads on your BFP! :thnk
Oldbride Posts: 27
Hi Soexcited Thank god there is someone else! I think I just keep thinking is it worth taking the risk even though I love the kitten? I think I am just panicking as usual. Thanks alot for your reply, it has put my mind more at rest. What do mean by cutting down on cuddles though. Should I not have her on my lap? Sorry for all the neurotic questions :-8
swissgirl Posts: 2301
Being a kitty lover I read up on this and I read that people who have owned cats a while (basically cat owners) develop a natural tolerance to toxomosplosis. So while you shouldnt run your fingers through kitty litter, thats hubby's job now :o0 you should have no reason to shun kitty. Funnily enough on this forum or rollercoaster or magicmum (in short I totally cant remember) not so long ago someone posted asking about a cd you can buy for your cat so the cat isnt traumatized by the birth. It made me smile. Poor cats they get such a bad rap on the whole pregnancy front.
SoExcited Posts: 204
Hi again, Sorry just read your reply above! Thinking the cats will be ok with the baby, not planning on having them in as much once the baby is born, and I suppose will be extra careful when they are around. Have heard they can get jealous easily.... SoE.
grumpy Posts: 1280
I've also read that its just the litter you need to steer clear of. We have a stray that we feed, and from the info I've read, I'm really not worried about it all. The deal with cats and babies is that sometimes cats can get up on the baby's chest for warmth and suffocate the baby. This is pretty much unheard of in these times of central heating though, more prevalent 30-40 years ago. I really wouldn't worry about that either.