Toxoplasma in cats, Pete the Vet link, good tips

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Mallory Posts: 92
'Pete the Vet' linked the article below on his Facebook page earlier, thought it might be of interest to those of you with pet cats. ... index.html
amberjack Posts: 1273
Read this earlier and thought it was v good. I have had cats all my life and worked in a vets so would have been in contact with this, however, I've had 3 blood tests over e last 2 years and seem to be immune. But it's definitely food for thought.
marles Posts: 1397
Its always good to make people aware of this. If you have your own cat/cats then chances are you will be immune to it anyway. People should always be careful of these things when pregnant.
Luka Posts: 1904
I was tested for the toxoplasma virus after my miscarriages (we have 2 cats) but it was negative. It's important NOT to feed your cats raw meat & get someone else to change the littel tray if you are pregnant, but apart from that there are other germs in a person's home too & I don't think anyone that is pregnant should be worried about having a cat. Apparently most of us who were around animals as children have been exposed to the toxoplamsa virus & are probably immune. I worried so un-necessarily about this.
Mallory Posts: 92
Completely agree, Luka, I have a cat and am pregnant and I'm not worried at all, but it can be something that some people overreact about. I thought the article gave some very accurate information. Can't say that I'm too upset to be missing out on litter tray duty :o0
libramoon Posts: 2402
We have 3 cats and I've grown up with cats (as well as feeding and rehoming 6 strays in the past 2 years). I'm sure I'm immune but am avoiding the litter tray etc which I don't mind doing! I agree with the overreactions about it and my doc said I had to stay away from my cats completely which is wrong! :duh:
amberjack Posts: 1273
I think people do overreact and I don't know how many people told me how dangerous cats and babies were and the cat would jump into the cot and sleep on the baby blah blah. Anyway, everything was fine cats and Ds get on great. I did change the litter tray when pregnant last time, just used gloves. My 19 year old kitty went to the big cattery in the sky during the summer ,so my other 2 use the cat flap, no need for trays.