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quinny07 Posts: 103
Hi Just wondering if anyone has bought anything in Toys r us up North, having a look at their website and they seem to have a good selection of nursery furniture, but they dont deliver to the south so would have to go up - has anyone done this or had any experience with them and been able to take away the stuff with them All advice appreciated.
luigi Posts: 867
Is there anything in particular you need? Sometimes Toys r Us can be a little expensive. From what I hear a lot of Southeners come up here for baby equipment as it is a rip-off in the south, Its so strange as personally I always go down south to get bargains! The grass is always greener!
Mrs Lucy06 Posts: 929
Hi, I was at toys r us last weekend we bought the baby a cotbed & some sheets, etc thought they were very reasonable. Might be worth checking have they got what your looking for before travelling from the south but I def will be going back, find it really hard to buy some items as we dont know what were having, so once little one is here I will def be back!! HTH Lucy
Mrs Lucy06 Posts: 929
Just remembered they are opening a new toys r us store in Sprucefield, Lisburn if your travelling by car will be handier for you. It opens on 6th August!!! HTH Lucy
blushing b2b Posts: 288
Living in the UK i have bought a few things from toys r us and have had to return a few things to toys r us eg nursery curtains where i curtain was a good 3 inches longer than the other!!!!!!!!!! I would recommend picking out what you want from their website first if you can and ring them to see if its in stock - no point driving all the way if they dont have it and if possible to save you a return journey try to open and check everything before leaving
quinny07 Posts: 103
thanks girls, its really the furniture that i want to get as a lot of places down south that i've seen do a 3 piece set only and i only need the cot and changer/dresser and have seen some nice ones on their site, was thinking of getting the rest there as well if we made the trip as they seem a bit cheaper than down here even with exchange rate