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minnielulu Posts: 358
Have any of you bought this DVD or heard anything about it yet. Was looking at it in the shop today but I'd like to know if it's any use before I spend my money... She's Madonna and Gweneth Palthrow's personal trainer and she looks amazing herself, need to get off my ar*e after all that Christmas chocolate!
Toblerone Posts: 2698
If you find dance choreography easy enough to pick up it might be worth a look at. However, if you have two left feet like me, you may end up frustrated with the tv and just end up doing your own thing. There are a series of (8? i think) routines that she goes through first so you can learn the steps and then the actual workout and dance is about 30 mins. I didn't have the patience to keep rewinding back so the 2 times i've done it I really did my own thing. It is really a dvd that you will grow with. There is no instruction in the full w/o. I might give it another go this evening. The DVD is divided into her instructing from the front (so you see her face) and then there is chapter of her instructing from the back (as if you were in a class with her). The instructional sections are not chaptered so you'd have to FF if you wanted to learn a specific one. on she has two other dvds and these are much better - one is called Mat Workout and the other Post Pregnancy Workout with the best ab workout i've done in ages. I've found these more beneficial than her dance cardio but then again I'm choreographically challenged. HTH :wv
minnielulu Posts: 358
Oh god sounds complicated :o0 I've tried the Nell Mc Andrew Ultimate Challenge, she doesn't give any insturction either but her personal trainer is in it too and he kinda shouts like an army major, it's all pretty basic so you catch on quick enough but it's very tough. Just thought I could do with a change but don't think this will be one for me, glad I asked now!
RainbowBright Posts: 1425
If you log onto Amazon you can view about 4 or 5 clips of various fitness videos. Got the Claire Richards one myself today....did about 10 mins of it before I nearly passed out. Think that I need to build up the fitness levels by walking for 2 - 3 weeks first.
cupcakebabe Posts: 2232
I got dance with off with Vicky Binns last year and i have to say once i learned the routine i found it very good,
Toblerone Posts: 2698
Yeah it is very complicated and of course i found a million reasons not to work out to it last night :o0 . I tried Natalie Cassidy and Davina last year. Natalie's one was easy enough to learn and with time was ok. Considering what happened to her i'm not too motivated to use it anymore. I have the davina one from last year and found the boxing section great. I tried one of Nell McAndrews in the past and it is very traditional and bootcamp like. Do not go anywhere near the new Denise van Outen one - there is no instruction at all apart from a demonstration of the main moves at the beginning of each section. Plus it seems to be all divided up so you dont' really get your heart rate up for any real length of time. She gave a speech at the beg of every new section which made the dvd seem v stop starty which i didn't really like. I'll have to have a look on amazon at the clips. Any other recommendations?
RainbowBright Posts: 1425
The new Coleen Nolan looks alright too - I prefer the ones where the stars were bigger and are now thinner (if you know what I mean). Makes you kinda think hey I can do that too - Claire Richards from Steps looks great now.
scared to death Posts: 30
Hi. I have agood few of the dvds and use them really regularly. I find Natalie Cassidy's and Charlie Brooks quite easy so i use them if i'm tired or haven't done one in a while. Davina McCall's and Kirsty Gallagher's always make me feel like i've done brilliant work out, always sweat a lot. Colleen McLoughlin's is very good but quite hard, i think you need to be fairly fit. lastly Jordans is really good for toning. Hope all that helps. my highest reccommendation would be davina.
glitterhub Posts: 441