tracksuit bottoms for short people?

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sorcha25 Posts: 532
anyone know where i can get tracksuit bottoms for fit short (and fat) legs!!! i'm 5'1. used to have to get teenagers ones but am now too fat to fit into kid size clothes. all adult ones i have seen in sports shops are too long! thanks
DiamondWife Posts: 1347
in elvery's they do a range called Body Form, the come in short, regular and extra long, i need the extra long!!!! HTH :wv
Yoda Posts: 3340
Marks and Sparks
sorcha25 Posts: 532
that's great thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sillysocks Posts: 1390
Pineapple in Debenhams do short, regular and long as well - they go from size 6-18 I think and I always find they fit well!
Helenl123 Posts: 1457
i'm a shortie aswell, i'm 5ft, i usually buy penneys or dunnes and cut the end of them (but only after the 1st wash. I find with tracksuit bottoms it doesnt matter if you do that cos sure its not like your wearing them as good wear ya know.
dollybird222 Posts: 184
seconds marks and sparks they come in a short lenght and fit perfectly
rox Posts: 10
Hi I just got a pair of short leg nike trackie bottoms in lifestyle sports today. They were €40 but they are so comfortable.