Traditional Irish broom / brush dance at a Wedding

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soontobegroom Posts: 5
Hi, dont know if anyone can help me but looking for any contact details for any groups who perform the Irish brush / broom dance at weddings. Seen it done recently at a wedding and thought it was really entertaining and something a little different from Irish Dancers... If anyone could help would be grateful.
bubblybride2010 Posts: 1490
theres a group called the strawboys- think they are based in offaly, ill try and find out more played at my friends wedding- incorporated irish dancers and singing and the brush dance- really good they were.
deda Posts: 1220
My Uncle is in the strawboys they are based in the midlands, the act consists of set dancing by strawboys, irish dancing kinds like celtic dance rythm, singing, brush dance and then more set dancing. PM for his phone number