Tralee - where to go for photos?

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mrsfarmer2be Posts: 20
Hi Guys, I'm looking for a little help regarding my family photos and where to go. I'm a cork bride whose reception is on in Tralee in the Ballygarry House Hotel. I was wondering if anyone knew anywhere we could go nearby that we could take family photos? I know that Ballygarry have beautiful gardens but the thought of rounding up both sets of families for the photos while the drinks reception is going on is not endearing! so I was thinking that if we could all go somewhere on our way to Ballygarry then that would solve that problem? O:| Any suggestions welcome?? I'm coming from castleisland side into tralee.
missusfarrell2b Posts: 52
There's Ballyseede Wood right alongside the hotel if you don't want to use the gardens.
shirleydee Posts: 27
Ballyseede is lovely alright. You could also try and do all the family stuff at the church before you head to tralee?
MrsAtobe Posts: 1158
You could do them inside Ballygarry? There's lovely seating areas in the reception area where photos can be taken.
mrsfarmer2be Posts: 20
Thanks for the suggestions. I think i'll just put someone in charge of rounding up everyone for the family photos. The things we worry about!