Translate an Irish reading or not?!

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tippgal Posts: 49
Hey girls, Trying to finalise my mass booklet and hopefully get it all printed this weekend. We are having the first reading 'as gaeilge' . One friend suggested to me that it may be nice to have the english translation beside it.....and then another said she thinks its nicer without the translation so just wondering what ye think!!! The church isn't in a gaeltacht area. There'll be a few people coming from the UK and some of the rest from Ireland probably wouldnt have the greatest irish either so wasnt sure which would be best! Opinions please.... Cheers
MrsBig10 Posts: 2074
You can get the english version from your priest as not all churchs will have readings in Irish. I think that you should do this if you want a translation that is correct & accurate IFYKWIM. Personally I wouldn't change it what you're doing HTH :wv
lilybelle Posts: 424
i think not having irish myself i would like a translation if i was at a wedding just to get an idea about what its about! but its a personnel choice some people may not even be bothered if the translation is there or not
BipsyBoo Posts: 1534
We're having a good bit of our ceremony in Irish. It's my native language and H2B only has small bits. Guests are from all over but we're not having translations for the Irish parts. We just don't think it's necessary. We figure that a lot of people will have some knowledge of Irish so if they want to, they can have a stab at translating themselves by reading along with what's in the booklet. And for those from overseas who haven't a clue, I'm sure they'll be interested in hearing the language more so than understanding what is being said. That's what we figured anyway! Which reading are you having?
weddingdiva Posts: 1349
I would go for the Irish reading, leave out the translation especially if it had a lovely meaning, those who understand will get it and those that dont, will be trying to figure it out. I'd love to see a bit more of this at weddings
tippgal Posts: 49
Thanks girls. Really appreciate your opinions. The reading we are having in Irish is the one from the Book of Ruth.....Wherever you go, I will go....
BipsyBoo Posts: 1534
Sliocht as Leabhar Rút. Cíbe áit a rachaidh tusa, is ann a rachaidh mise. Agus cíbe áit a gcuirfidh tusa fúit, is ann a chuirfeas mise fúm. Is iad do mhuitir-se mo mhuintir-se, agus is é do Dhia mo Dhia. Fód do bháis fód mo bhaise-se, agus láthair m'ádhlachta. Beidh muid le chéile go brách na breithe, Agus lasfaidh loinnir an ghrá go brách. Seo é Briathar Dé Buíochas le Dia. The same as ours! Think it's lovely =)
weddingdiva Posts: 1349
Its lovely in Irish, and its actually easy enough for people with basic Irish to understand. So I'd definitely leave it in Irish only!!
msc7182 Posts: 172
Its lovely, just the way it is. Dont change it!!! The irish isnt too complicated, and people wouldnt find it very difficult to get the meaning of it. i think theres something really romantic and magical about having bits of irish through a wedding! Fág é! Tá sé go hálainn!
tippgal Posts: 49
Cheers girls. Thats me decided english translation! Thanks a mill for all the advice anyway x