Translating marriage cert

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chupachups10 Posts: 3
We were told at our antenatal class that we should get our marriage cert translated if we were married abroad, they advised to get it done asap to prevent delays when the baby is born.. thing is i cant remember why we needed to get it translated O:| Did anyone have to do this or know why it needs to be done? Its 50 euros to get it translated with the company they recommended so i dont want to get it done unless we need to. Thanks!
Finished here Posts: 2860
I'd imagine you must need it translated for registering babs (must do it myself !!!!) but otherwise maybe its if you are using your married name ??? I am not so don't think i need it till we register baby - oh can't wait to do that :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
theoracle Posts: 7664
We got married in Rome and had an italian wedding cert with an index on the reverse with other languages incl. english - if your cert is like that it def needs no translation, but if it isn't just phone your local registry office (the one babs will be registered in) and enquire.
firefly78 Posts: 312
snap on getting married in rome, didn't know I would need this to register babs though.
theoracle Posts: 7664
I copied this from the gro website since my memory is so hazy: [i]In the cases of a birth where the parents are married to each other, either parent or both together may sign the register. The position where the mother is not married to the father of the child is different and is covered below. Married parents must provide proof of their civilly recognised marriage, by producing a copy of their marriage certificate. Where the marriage occurred outside of the state and the certificate is not in English the parents must provide a certified translation of the full text of the certificate accompanied by the original. [b:2jmq7kv3]N/B: If a married parent or parents cannot provide evidence of marriage on the day they attend to register, the registration may not proceed.[/[/b:2jmq7kv3]i]
chupachups10 Posts: 3
Thanks for the replies! hu101 thanks for solving the mystery, looks like I better get it translated so, a friend of mine got married in Rome since we did and they have it translated on the back also, unfortunately we must have been married before they brought this in so will need to get it done. Thanks a million, i couldn't find anything on the net about it, mustnt have looked hard enough! :-8