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CatInTheBag Posts: 127
Hi I'm wondering if anyone is in same boat: I am having the whole thing - ceremony/meal etc in a hotel, but getting ready at home. I was hoping to avoid the cost of a fancy car for a half hour drive - but how else do I get to the venue. Would it be really stupid to just arrive in my mam's normal car - like Toyota :-8 Or will I have to bite the bullet and book something decent? Just when you think you've thought of everything eh
Claddagh1981 Posts: 1117
I was in the same boat, I was paying a fortune for a fancy car to drive around the corner. In the end to save money a friend of mine suggested going in there car, a merc, have you a friend with a nice car who wouldnt mind driving you? Or for something like 20 euro a day you can rent a nice car with herts or dublin car rental, and ask a friend to drive you. I dont see a problem with turning up in your mams car though, if you dont mind it then others wont either :)
Anne Cordelia Shirley Posts: 4731
You don't have to have anything. I personally think wedding cars are a bit of an unnecessary expense. My parents organised one as a gift but before they did I planned on family cars.
CatInTheBag Posts: 127
Ye I'd say others would turn their nose up at'll be funny tho So do I want to go for "ha thats funny" reaction or "ooh look a bride" reaction Unfortunately all my friends drive plain cars (no offence everybody :wv ) So that makes me think that I would save a couple hundred by just going in my mam's car - like she has to drive there anyway.
biddy34 Posts: 202
dont see anything wrong with it! pretty similar situation myself , couldnt justify a wedding car for a 5 min drive.! in the end i went with executive taxis , which were 60 euro for the hour , and have decent cars! buy if you mum is driving anyway ...
sshh Posts: 416
I travelled in our own Toyota avens is driven by my bro and with my parents in the back... Do what you want but no need to get a fancy car unless you really want one.
CatInTheBag Posts: 127
Thanks for replies guys - you put my mind at ease. Good to know about executive taxis - thats not too bad beats 300+ for half hour.
ginger power Posts: 1632
We rented 2 cars for our wedding from a garage, 50euro per car, own insurace on cars and have credit card details to hold incase some thing happened, saved ourselves couple of hundred hiring a car and driver!