Transverse baby question

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sherbetlemon Posts: 927
:xxx Hi girls, I guessed my baby is transverse from the shape of my bump the past few wks. What looks like a bum sticking out one side & a head the other! Doctor agreed with me last week. My question is - do any of you who have/had a transverse lie - did you feel like your bump wasn't increasing in size that much? This babs has been measuring big all along. So much so that they brought my dates forward by ten days. Last week my fundal measurement was 2 weeks behind so I wonder if this is to do with the position babs is in? I'm 32 wks now & feel my bump looks the same as around 28 wks. Not back to hospital until 2 wks & can't stop thinking about it. Feeling plenty of movement & squirms though. Tks girls for reading... Hope ur still awake :)
funkyfish Posts: 7626
hi this lil babs was transverse then went to frank breech, to normal presentation but i have a feeling it is breech again. babs is growing normally, but DS was breech and i think it was missed that he has stopped growing at around 32 weeks. you should get scanned to see if the fluid is sufficient, if the placenta is still functioning etc.... i have been seen every 2 weeks since 26 weeks to avoid this happening again. hth but try not to worry.... babs stops growing to protect the brain. DS was only 5lbs 12 oz at 38 weeks but has caught up and surpassed his heavier peers. but i would follow mammy instinct....
tilsun Posts: 4506
My DD was transverse for most of pregnancy. It didn't slow her growth, or if it did she as set to be a monster! I didn't get any extra scanning etc but then maybe that was because all looked fine. I'm a fairly big build so maybe she had plenty of room even transverse. My bump always grows in spurts, so it won't grow for a couple of weeks and then overnight it will have swollen up to the next level, maybe you're just due a growth spurt. Hope your LO turns for you, mine did over a weekend, I didn't get a wink of sleep for the wriggling but was delighted :wv
sherbetlemon Posts: 927
Girls, Sorry for the late response and thanks so much for your replies :thnk I contacted Holles Street on Monday and they suggested that I attend my Consultant today instead of in 2 weeks. Had a 3 minute appt with my Consultant! He is a lovely man though and said not to worry - there is 'plenty of baby in there' and the measurements seems fine. Baby is breech (like my dd) - so this obviously has changed the shape of my bump over the past few weeks. I can relax now a little... ;o) :wv
sally2010 Posts: 16
Hi, Just wondering did u try anything to change the breech position or are you just letting baby decide. My babs has been on the move at each scan so have been in all positions at this stage - but was thinging of acupuncture at 34weeks if the position is breech - as would like to avoid a section if possible. :wv