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sassyshoes Posts: 93
[b:297b64s4]Hi ya B2B, Had the best day of my life in August, and now that my wedding was over I felt as if I needed to give that gorgeous dress of mine one last 'outing' before it gets put away,or until I get bored in years to come and surprise my husband some night. Some friends of mine who live over in NY mention in before I got married and it planned a seed in my head. So I thought why not.. life is too short, I get to do it all again, I can be a little risky in it, I don't care if it gets dirty, I'll be getting it clean anyway, and it's something a bit different for the album !! Done it last week.. and it was amazing, I would highly recommend the photographer, who's work is out of this world. She made me feel like a model for the day, I haven't a clue when it comes to modeling but she show me all the right positions to show my 'good side' and had all the places chosen. She was reasonable price, and I got my makeup done in Mac (spend over 40euro get makeup done for free) and I treated myself to wash and blow dry. I actually can't explain how amazing it was, enjoy every moment of it, and you only do it why not!! I have attached a few of the photos, as I think this photographer is amazing and I would recommend that every B2B treats herself to help get over the wedding blues. Venues we went to on the day: Forest..Candlelit, Old Tree reading my 'vogue' book, My something blue 'my shoes' and of course the beach.. I got some beautiful photos beside the rocks as the waves came crashing in! Breathtaking !! O:o) [/b:297b64s4]
annfog Posts: 19
Gorgeous! Love the shoes! Did you get your hair and make up professionally done for it?
Char27 Posts: 376
Oh wow, you look fab!!! Love it :o)ll
sassyshoes Posts: 93
Got my makeup done in Mac (spend over 40euro on product you get it done for free) and got wash and blowdry. :thnk
errigal08 Posts: 1302
wow pics are beautiful,i just seen the rest on the facebook!
Loubum Posts: 6
Omg! These are simply amazing! You look so beautiful. I have friends in the states and it is becoming really popular over there. Am definitely going to do this after my wedding. Thanks for sharing!
olbol Posts: 280
Love love love this idea!! Our photographer was doing a trash the dress shoot with a new bride when we arrived to meet him for our engagement shoot on a quite beach in Conemara - she was in the water - it was unreal!!! I bought a dress on ebay before I found 'the one' - so I think I'll put my E100 to good use and arrange a trash the dress shoot for after the big day...only thing is it'll be the middle of winter....maybe I'll get snow!!! Sabrina you look stunning - what beautiful pics to have!!! :heartbeat: