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dymo2 Posts: 787
we have our hoildays booked for the end of sept.We have already had to cancle in may this year and it is looking quite like that we may have to cancel the septemeber hoilday as well. My quistion have any one had to cancel there hoilday twice in the one year with the same insurance company?if ye have had ye any trouble with getting your money back. Thanks
Sodapop Posts: 3220
You will have to check your policy details - every policy is different with what you can claim for and how many times. It might be in favour of the insurance company because its the same holiday you are cancelling again - they may only allow 1 cancellation for the same set of flights/destination....
dymo2 Posts: 787
No we had to change destation.It is under a diffrent policy as the claim in may was last years policy,So this one is this years.Fingers crossed that i wont come to this.
galwaygirl2010 Posts: 2447
Dont mention the earlier claim unless they ask you - its not relevant. It may also depend why you need to cancel again - you will need to contact the insurance company. Every policy is different.