Travel insurance claim

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Lilac Lady Posts: 99
A friend of mine is just back from holidays and lost her digital camera while away - just wondering if anyone has any info on how to claim on her travel insurance?
Princess Cinders Posts: 11475
Did she report the loss of her camera to anyone while she was away, if not she will need to check with insurance co to see what to do in this instance I lost my camera when I was Florida a few years ago, I phoned my insur broker to see what had to be done and I was told just report it when I came home. So I submitted my claim and was told by insurance co that I should have reported it to the police authority. The brokers confirmed to them that I had made a phone call and they paid out not quite the full value of the camera. I think it is a bit like cars they allow an amount for depreciation.
Lilac Lady Posts: 99
Thanks Miss Hopeful
Mrs áthas Posts: 3488
make sure she reads the details of her policy including any excess and exceptions.