travel steriliser?

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Mrs J Posts: 387
Going to take DD (5 weeks)on her first overnight stay to my parents this weekend. I'm breastfeeding but like to give her the odd bottle of expressed milk so will need to think about a steriliser - for the bottle and my breast pump and don't fancy bringing our one with us. Is there such a thing as travel steriliser or any shortcuts? Saw microwave steriliserbags in Boots - no idea how they work. Anyone with tips? Thanks.
oldwolnewman Posts: 58
Hi there I had the avent microwave sterliser that did the trick. cost about 3o euros i think??? could be way off was sleep deprived when i bought that one!!! found it very good. sorry can't help with regards the bags enjoy your little break!!
[email protected] Posts: 492
I used the bags and theyre great Have a lovely weekend
Moet for me Posts: 1841
If there is a microwave I can not recommend highly enough the boots self sterilising bottlles they are fantastic. You pop some water in the lid with the teat, cap and the palstic tweezers, bung in the microwave and they are done in 1 min 30 seconds I used them all the time and they are so cheap in boots. Word of warning the teats are absolutely useless so replace them with avent ones which fit perfectly.
Mrs.slightly bonkers Posts: 3289
Id to save all the hassle you will have enoghh to carry round with you.get a big pot in your mams and just boil them in it.get a bottle of milton and steep.
grumpy Posts: 1280
Tescos have an own-brand travel microwave steriliser that does 2 bottles + accessories at a time. Think its about €4. However, those bottles Moet suggested sound great!
cyberspi Posts: 103
anyone got suggestions when going to a hotel and a microwave isn't available?
deem Posts: 710
only solution i can think of in that case is to bring steriliser that plugs in