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beechwood2010 Posts: 206
Hi there, I am due to have our first baby in February and have absolutely zilch done.. we had a pretty few hectic months with a sudden bereavement in the family and it is only now I am beginning realise that I haven’t even a nappy bought or anything planned.. We did upgrade our car though..... anyhow I have been going through the essentials list posted here and have found it extremely helpful.. I just want some recommendations on a good travel system particularly a good buggy for pounding the roads (and gradually back to running them) after the birth of the little one.... it is the one item I am willing to spend on as I see it as a great investment! Also, a good cot and yes or no to a moses basket... Please advise.... xo
babyblaBBer Posts: 2448
we have the bugaboo chameleon and cannot recommend it enough. travel systems are great for newborns but they are bulky though so for running you might want to think about investing in something lighter later on. love everything about the bugaboo, easy to use, comfy for baby, great tyres for roads etc. for a cot i would look into getting a ikea cot. we spent a bomb on a cotbed that was a nightmare to build and now we are expecting number 2 we will be moving DS to a proper bed and still using the cotbed as a cot for number 2. a friend of mine got a gogeous cot in ikea. as for moses basket, i think it's an essential. we used it for about 2/3 months as DS was very big and outgrew it fast. it's so snug and cosy for baby and easy to move upstairs/downstairs and even bring with you to someone's house. you've plenty of time to get organised. buy the big things now and sheets, blankets, bottles, clothes etc in the sales.
AmandaMc Posts: 1813
Plus one on the cameleon- we've decided to get this for first LO. Plenty of good 2nd hand ones around too. Also getting a moses basket as it's handy for moving around (when LO is sleeping downstairs during the day etc). Mama's and Papa's have a few for less than half price at the moment if you check out their website.
ructions Posts: 2689
We also bought an IKEA cot and it's great. Got all DS's nursery furniture there and I'm glad now I didn't spend a fortune on it. I didn't get a cotbed as they take up too much room and we would have had to disassemble and assemble it again getting from our room into the baby's room. We borrowed a Moses basket. He was in his cot from 6 weeks and much preferred sleeping in the carrycot of the pram, never liked the basket. We got a Teutonia travel system and I love it. It's really sturdy, but the same width as a Cameleon so it's so easy to manoeuvre, especially around shops, you don't realise how narrow a lot of shop doors are until you're pushing a pram! It has great wheels and the soft carrycot converts to a footmuff. It's also compatible with the MaxiCosi car seat and the adaptors are attached the the chassis so you can't lose them! I haven't been running with it but it's very good on bad paths and roads. You might need a jogger for running.