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candellight Posts: 71
My sister is getting married in sept in england and i just went to book the boat as form of travel, however im going to be 35weeks preg and they state they wont let preg women travel after 32weeks, and under this they request a cert from doc O:| O:| O:| ... Im really upset, spoke to sis who is also upset but understands the babs health and well being comes first etc... I dont know what to do, its killing me the taughts of missing my sis wedding and she has everything booked invites out etc so couldnt change dates... I know i cant fly, ya think a hot air baloon would take me :o0 ...what am i going to do....gggrrrrrrr.....
Leigh Posts: 188
hi candlelight, just to say that you can fly with ryanair until 36 weeks pregnant, once you have a letter from your doc. i flew at 35 weeks to spain and all was fine, i brought my letter in case but nobody asked to see it or anything!! maybe that helps your predicament! :wv
HappyMe Posts: 727
Not to add to your problems but just be careful as well on your travel insurance which you'd probably need in case anything did happen while you were away and you needed to be checked in hospital etc. On my last pregnancy I was flying home from hols at 32 weeks and only made the cut off for the insurance by a few days so check with the different companies - some let you travel later than others.
mumodone Posts: 396
sorry to hijack thread but my brother getting married in states in Oct and Ill be about 32 wks will I be allowed to travel does anyone know ?
candellight Posts: 71
ttc check with your airline cause its a long flight, and with your insurance....Think im fucked have checked all ferry lines going to england and they say between 28 to 32weeks ya can travel but not after that, i could lie but be so afraid of something going wrong and that karma shit, rynair does say 36weeks but ill be 36weeks coming home, wish a muti million air would read this and jet me and my hubbie plus midwife off to the wedding hahaha:o0 :o0 :o0 one can dream...
Anne Boleyn Posts: 709
I flew at 32 weeks no bother, I just got a letter from my obstetrician to be on the safe side but no one questioned me. I did have a tiny bump though. I drove across Europe at 34 weeks which involved getting a ferry & again it was no hassle. Surely the ferry would be an option for you? England really isn't that far away at all.
mobmar Posts: 642
Stenaline states 36 weeks on their website (link above)
jezabelle Posts: 607
Get the boat or plane - can't see an issue here at all! Get a letter of the GP or Consultant bring all your medical notes with you if your nervous and you will be grand! Its only the UK it takes me longer to drive to work than it will for you to get over there!! There is more chance you will go over rather than early and you will have a life time of regret if you miss your sisters wedding and then the baby isn't born till 42 weeks!! That means you won't have the baby for another 6 weeks after the wedding! Also lucky for you its the UK so you don't need insurance which wouldn't cover you anyway make sure you have an E111 card (I know there is a new name but can't think of it) Plus side too certain parts of the UK have much better maternity units than here! But I'd be 99% sure you won't need to use them!
ttc_bfp_opk_wtf Posts: 682
[quote="jezabelle":12jzust4] Also lucky for you its the UK so you don't need insurance which wouldn't cover you anyway make sure you have an E111 card (I know there is a new name but can't think of it) [/quote:12jzust4] european health insurance card
Perci Posts: 3847
I would wait to book until nearer the time to see how your pregnancy is going. I had very good pregnancies until I developed pregnancy cholestasis at 36 wks on DS1 and so needed a section a few days later (he was also breech) and on DS2 my waters broke at 33wks with no previous warning of anything. The chances are everything will be fine but I'd still rake a wait and see approach.