Travelling an hour to hospital on first baby..

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isabella123 Posts: 175
im looking to move hospital and wondering would i be crazy moving to a hospital that is an hour away? if anyone has any experience of travelling this distance to a hospital i would love to hear your thoughts on it..
starting over Posts: 62
Hi my first two babies were born in a hospital an hour and 20 minutes away. I was induced first time round so not an issue. I was a couple of days early on second and managed to stay at home for much of my labour. When the contractions became more regular we headed off and although I worried we left it too late I was only 4 centimeters when I was admitted. I do know women who've had very quick births, one in an ambulance to the hospital and one in the car and both only lived 20 minutes from their hospital. This is rare though. Do you have any sisters. If so how did it go for them. Or what about your mum? Quick labours, as in the type you'd have to be worried about can run in families. I think a lot of people are in the same boat since we can't all live in the city. My third baby will be born in my closest hospital still 45 minutes away in good traffic. When your labour starts the hospital staff are usually good to advise over the phone if you ring them. They're not likely to send you away if you do arrive prematurely to the hospital once they know you're a long way from home. Assuming it's not a super quick birth you should be able to trust your instincts and timing your contractions will be crucial. Chances are you'll have plenty of time to get to hospital as the majority of births don't happen too quick. Whatever you decide I wouldn't let it be the deciding factor.
Doozer28 Posts: 881
I'm not much help I'd say but I live an hour away from our hospital. 1st time my waters went & was told to call in, ended up staying in & being induced. We'll see what happens now with the next in May. I wouldn't think you're mad though, everyone's experience is different, as previous poster pointed out, things don't always go to plan even if you're within walking distance!
CherylC Posts: 1071
For the labour itself I would say you'll be fine. For me the thing to consider would be whether you are happy to travel one hour each way for all your appointments. You may be going there once a week towards the end of pregnancy - are you happy to drive there and back by yourself etc?
Mad Women Posts: 4
Pm'd you Isabella. I'm also travelling a distance and happy to do so. So far anyway!
isabella123 Posts: 175
thanks for all the replies. my mam had sections so im not sure on whether fast deliveries run in the family! i think i should trust my intuition on this one and go with the one that feels best. i can work around the appointments with work so that wont be a problem. thanks everyone..
sshh Posts: 416
I was the guts of an hour too and apppintments were fine. I had my entire labour in the hospital as we were on our way home from an appointment when watts broke so we went back & they admitted me. I do remember thinking at one stage that there was no way I could have been in a car travelling so do bear that in mind.