Travelling to America, what wedding make up do you suggest?

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fraggle rocker Posts: 1426
Don't wear make up often and for nights out stick to clarins, as i will be in america and i heard their make up is cheaper can people recommend any brands?
charli Posts: 5994
i love MAC and is very cheap in the states, in saying that i don't use their foundation but love everything else, especially eye shadows, pencils,lipstick and lip gloss and blushers. spent a fortune stocking up clinique was cheap to if i remember
nygal Posts: 40
Hi Star2007 MAC has a good name over here and is pretty reasonable. I use alot of clinique which is also cheap, but i'm not mad about their foundation. I don't find the coverage great. For lipstick, mascara, eyeshadow and pencils they are great. The only foundation I can use is max factor and clinique oil free but I have very sensitive skin and Max factor is the only one that works for me, everything else is clinique. I have to send home for the Max Factor all the time because it's the lasting performance one and it cannot be got here. nygal
msmcb1 Posts: 508
NYGAL i used to do the same thing...send home for the lasting performance powder. It baffles me why when i go to CVS they do completely different Max Factor products compared with what they supply in the UK.
july7812 Posts: 1787
Beneift is meant to be great
charli Posts: 5994
oh yeah, benefit is cheap there too, it's an american product, again i have never used the foundation but the benetit cheek stain, and the benefit highlighter are good, as is the bad gal black eyeliner and the bronzer (more so the gimmicky things, than the essentials if you know what i mean)
fraggle rocker Posts: 1426
The problem is my other half is with me and i can imaginge his face if i went to a cosmestic counter for a trial, if he had his way i would not be wearing make up for my wedding day, thats why i want to have a few names. Thanks for your help.
msmcb1 Posts: 508
Star2007.....i agree with you my H2B would rather i didnt wear makeup at all..ah well. If you go to the Dept stores ie..Macy's, Filenes, Bloomingdales etc...these stores are huge with plenty of merchandise to keep him busy. He could be off looking at all sorts of things like clothes, shoes, music, electronics while you could be getting pretty. I would recommend that you maybe get a few trials before you purchase anything (a good professional makeup counter/ artist will not mind this)...i once went to the Chanel counter got my make up done and i explained that i would see how i went with it for the rest of the day. Luckily i didnt buy cos later that evening i was at home with H2B put my head on his shoulder needless to say youd think Donetala Versace had lay her head on him. Goodluck.